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Posted 29 August 2022

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Chromebook 14 - 14in FHD IPS touchscreen, AMD 3015, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage £149 + £3.99 delivery at Very

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Was posted here originally:

And someone in the thread @morgie found the same deal at Very (which Amazon seemed to match later). I am posting again because the original deal expired and people can't find it but it's still available at Very, I'm not bothered about credit for myself, but people should be aware of what is probably the Chromebook steal of the year!

Key points:
AMD 3015e (Ryzen Zen derivative, so it's much faster than cheap ARM or Celerons)
8GB RAM (plenty for a Chromebook and unheard of at this price)
128GB eMMC storage (again, a lot for a Chromebook)
14.0" full HD IPS touchscreen (unheard of at this price - verified by OP using model code at Lenovo)
USB C charging

TCB/Quidco paying up to 8% as well.
Very More details at Very

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    Thanks @plewis00 I think even @P1P2 spotted it at Very before I mentioned it. Worth watching to see if Amazon re-stock at all too, as did look like a price match. It is a great deal, although still a more budget end Chromebook I think most people will be limited by the processor before the RAM it's a great option for anyone on a budget at this price if in need of a 14 inch touchscreen model.

    Model is 82MY000NUK Full spec. at Lenovo: psref.lenovo.com/Det…NUK

    ChromeOS updates to the AUE date of June 2029. (edited)
    I remember you posting it so wanted to make sure you got credit. It is a 'budget' Chromebook by price but the spec says otherwise. The CPU is lower-end but it's a proper Zen derivative so closer to a Core i3/Pentium Gold than a Celeron/Pentium Silver which means it's plenty for a Chromebook. The 8GB of RAM is amazing at this price (usually you're paying £250-300 for that) and full HD IPS touchscreen is the icing on the cake as that is a premium feature. Everything about this screams bargain - if you can fit your workflow into ChromeOS this is perfect for almost everyone (students, children, grandparents, home working, etc).
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    Thanks for making people aware
    You can thank OP of previous threads for this! It got expired so people kept missing it and when I mentioned it to others, they couldn't find it so had to post again. It's so cheap for such a good and high-spec Chromebook people really need to know and don't want to miss out - honestly, at this price you'd normally get 4GB, 64GB storage, HD or FHD (but TN) display, no touchscreen and a basic low-power CPU (Celeron or MTK).
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    Heat. Tent mode possible or tablet mode?
    No, it's not a 2-in-1 convertible.
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    Yeah out of stock now 😞
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    Doh. Oos 😪
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    Just picked one up for £123.19 joined very pay and welcome code 20% off.
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    Mine arrived today, I also see Very have put the out of stock price up to £179. Anyway, these machines are superb, they even have metal lids and micro SD expansion which is a nice touch: perfect travel companion or casual home use laptop. Keyboard is a little rattly but still comfortable. If people see these pop up again, I would highly advise buying!
    Got one for £119 earlier today, chuffed! Cheers OP !!
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    I do like this one for the price, voted hot. And debating if I should get one. But I like more premium looking devices...probably will never find one at this price.
    I'd take the punt personally, for the ram and HDD size especially - more than fine for general day to day use
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    Can windows be installed on this?

    Replying to

    Why bother though… this is over complicating things, if you want to run Windows natively get a Windows machine designed for it. This system has an eMMC drive like most Chromebooks so will be slow for Windows anyway.
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    Thanks Op , just ordered and I was able to get it for £123.19.

    A real bargain, I will use it when I travel away from home , especially to Asia :-)

    what code did you use?
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    I've been using mine a day and I absolutely love it.
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    Wow ! Even better deal than Amazon when you can get 10% back with code. £135 is a proper steal for this
    Is this if you take the buy now pay later type option? Can you do this without incurring any interest? It mentions getting your credit back (is that the 10%?)
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    anyone know/ already checked the end of life date for this model? Just good to know how long it will be updated for, thanks
    Yes - was posted literally the post before yours!
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    It's not letting me use the code uf3el on 2 of these and may have just given me 3 months to go pay and not 12. Will check email when it comes through
    It might be your account credit. Maybe create a new account and use WELCOME instead, the saving is larger.
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    What are the prospects of being able to run Microsoft office on this thing? Thinking of this for my 13 year old for school
    You can run it from the browser.
    Or just use alternatives such as Google products or download libre office through Linux.
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    GVFM (Great Value for Money)
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    Brought with the code! Had to add a item for 1 pound for the code to work
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    Many Thanks, £123, but taking a while to be processed, anyone else had to wait ? (edited)
    my order went through straight away
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    Thank you ✌️
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    Thanks for posting.
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    Thanks OP. Great deal! I managed to get one but I see that it is now showing as out of stock.
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    This is a great deal, nice one!
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    its showing available now

    Edit: nvm if you check out its oos (edited)
    They show a small out of stock marker but the 'add basket' button is still there (most grey it out). I am surprised it lasted as long as it did.
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    I forgot to add the new customer discount code , Is it worth contacting them about it .?
    They might do if you can get hold of them as I did similar but managed to order using an alternative account anyway. They can manually apply a code but when they applied WELCOME it would only give 10% off as it’s electrical not the expected 20% if you used it yourself.
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    Would anyone be kind enough to give me a heads up if this pops back in stock? Am looking for one for my mum.
    Recommend you set up some alerts here too
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    Very managed to mess up my other order and just didn't deliver one of them but insisted they had even when shown photos of the packaging, took ages to resolve (5 phone calls over a week and many hours), reminds me why I stopped using them, they are a complete shambles if you need support - this seems to stem from them drop shipping these items.

    If you got the laptop fine then they are very good for the money.
    Aghh, sorry to hear!