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Posted 5 July 2022

Lenovo ideaPad 5 Pro AMD Ryzen 7 16GB RAM 1TB SSD Nvidia RTX 3050 16" 120Hz No OS Laptop - £699.97 @ Box

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AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Octa Core Processor
16" WQXGA IPS 120Hz 100% sRGB Screen
No Operating System Installed (Windows is NOT included)
16GB DDR 3200MHz RAM
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 4GB Graphics
USB 3.2 Type-C | HDMI | WiFi 6
Backlit Keyboard
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    Purchased this from Box when it was on offer for £630 a couple of weeks back.

    First impressions are really good, screen looks great, and battery life is good. Keyboard is very nice to type with, and compared to my previous 15.6" laptop, this doesn't feel bulky at all.

    Performance wise this laptop eats through everything I've thrown at it so far, obviously with the RTX3050 I'm not expecting it to pull up trees in the gaming department but it's a fantastic all rounder!

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    I use mine for coding at the moment so currently have Visual Studio and Edge with a few tabs open. It's been great for that, fans are idling while doing it, and battery usually last around 6/7 hours.

    In gaming I don't play triple A games and have only played Red Alert 2 and some TF2 on it. TF2 the fans kicked in and it was a little warm, but you'll get that from any laptop. In terms of battery I don't know as I have it on charge when gaming.

    I previously had a HP Omen 15 with a GTX 1070 in it, that used to burn you after a gaming session and the battery was terrible compared to this.
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    Just reading through the manual that I found online and you can connect to your TV wirelessly using cast and it worked instantly. Wasn't sure if it was possible or not but it is and I'm happy it saves cables which are the bane of my life😄 (edited)
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    It's a great machine tbh,please don't install windows and remain a slave anymore

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    Ubuntu personally. Its very popular and there is a ton of material online if you run into issues
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    From reading the manual if you press the fn key and q you can cycle through performance modes

    Now that is handy being able to switch between full on power and eco mode

    Everything I am talking about is about Windows 10 which this unit is meant to come with and not Windows 11
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    Hi, I understand that I could installl windows10 using usb media creation to this laptop but I have a couple of questions about doing so. 1. How do I get the laptop to use the usb drive to boot and 2. would it go to completion of the installation without wireless internet as the network card would have no working driver at this point. Sorry if this sounds simple but so am I. (edited)

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    I bought this machine last week - I loaded Widows only part way ie without logging into my account & had to download the drivers from Lenovo using the S/N: number that is on the underside of the laptop via another PC to enable it to connect to WiFi. I then downloaded the Lenovo software which scanned for all other required drivers.
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    Very very good specs for the money
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    I got this laptop for £630 from box. Had horrific backlight bleed but box replaced it with a different unit on advanced replacement.

    Very easy to setup windows 11 on it. Just need the mediatek windows 11 drivers from the Lenovo website. If you install win 11 pro you can do the full setup with no internet or Microsoft account. Once windows 11 is online it installed all the drivers on its own. A few were slightly out of date.

    Laptop is a great all rounder. Screen is excellent. Tried some light gaming at 1080p and it was all good. Great for emulation too. Just need to make sure windows doesn’t try to use the igpu. Fans are a little loud when it’s hot. Under normal usage like browsing or content consumption it’s silent

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    It's likely because you have no drivers installed. Mine is silent during normal tasks. Bottom gets a bit warm. Make sure your not blocking the vents on the bottom and restricting the airflow to / from the fans.

    If you don't have drivers installed then you likely don't have thermal / power management working in anything other than a default mode so likely cpu / GPU running at higher clocks and voltage than needed for the task your doing.
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    Wasn't this posted last week
    Yes, was priced at £629.97 (I feel Box is price gauging here due to them selling allot from the HUKD post, generally certain tech items are going to be much cheaper due to oversupply of certain tech items, laptops being one of them)
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    If you let the laptop update itself from Microsoft you will get the driver's but that is all you will get nothing else no software to compliment the drivers so you will be missing out on so much.

    About the drivers the drivers for the AMD CPU and chipset and the GeForce drivers for the other graphics card from the Lenovo website are basic and not up to date so after installing them Install the drivers for these by going to the AMD and GeForce websites directly and let them detect what hardware you have and get the very latest drivers with all the extra software to support it which you don't get from Lenovo which I found out when I installed the Lenovo ones and you will get many more features.

    Everything else install from the Lenovo website.

    Mine is working rock solid and I use Windows 10 because Windows 11 is not mature enough yet to be compatible with everything. Just because it's the newest operating system doesn't mean you should use it you should use the most compatible and supported operating system by Microsoft which is Windows 10 and will be supported for a for a few years yet.

    It is a great laptop and it is quality. I love the backlit keyboard as I am often in dark environments.

    The performance of the laptop seems to be controlled not from the operating system but from the uefi Bios. This is located in the thermal control section in configurations depending on which of the three options you pick you will get quieter fans and less performance or loud fans and and Max performance. It comes on a sensible load in the middle called intelligent but you can change that depending on your requirements if you are an advanced user but be quick because for some reason even if you don't do anything in the bios the fans go out of control so you'll have to be quick or you might cause damage. I have never seen anything like this but it works normally in the operating system.

    You can also switch off the 3D graphics card if you don't require it to reduce heat and hence fan noise in certain situations and switch it back on but again this is in the Bios. (edited)

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    Hey Archie2 that's great news - good for you

    You wouldn't believe it but my laptop I put together in a darkened room and when I opened the curtains yesterday and turned the brightness up on the screen, to my horror, I discovered that I also have the white bleeding of the back light problem as mentioned by the other guy

    Now I got mine for £630 14 days ago but only just got round to installing everything a couple of days ago so I had to contact box this morning explain everything and send them detailed photographs with fingers crossed.

    Box.co.uk were fantastically understanding and are sending me another one so I will have to image the one I have now and when the replacement arrives I will just slap the image on that one which will take about 10 minutes
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    Got this last week for £630. All great apart from the far side USB-A port not working correctly. It appears to malfunction at random. Some things work ok, such as my wireless mouse dongle, but it can't properly address SSD drives (detects but they don't appear as drives, and causes explorer to crash /hang), and randomly drops to USB 2.0 speeds when connecting a USB HDD. It's not a driver issue either as it has the same issues under Linux.

    It's not a massive issue for me, but might be for those expecting all USB ports to function. There are other reports of the same issue at Lenovos community site too, but the "fixes" for it don't actually work.

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    Not noticed anything out of the ordinary really. The only gaming I've done is emulation (PS2, Dreamcast...etc) and I've found it to perform really well, at least while it's plugged in.
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    Good deal, a shame there's no thunderbolt on AMD laptops and only 1 USB C port at that.
    I have the ryzen 5 version and that has 2 usb c ports and 2 usb a which i think would be available on this too
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    Is this a good laptop for gaming?
    If you don't insist on running everything in Ultra settings then yes.
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    Seems to have increased in price now? It shows as £800 for me now