Posted 15 May 2024

LENOVO Legion Pro 5 Gen 8 16" - AMD Ryzen 7, RTX 4070 (140W), 1 TB SSD

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Not an increadible deal overall but the best one at the moment for a good gaming laptop with a decently powered GPU and AMD processor for extra battery life and less power draw. Not the brightest panel (should be matte finish which doesn't help), but otherwise great refresh rate and color gamut (99.99% sRGB). 2 RAM and storage slots so can be upgraded with ease.
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  1. Annaconda's avatar
    This is listed with the wrong information, says pro 5i in the title, but also says its AMD.. Which is it?
    Then again it's currys so never expect them to list things correctly. Would be nice to know which version it actually is, I'm leaning towards pro 5 just because of the info below the title. Overpriced for AMD by several hundred quid if so.
    LivingstonBach's avatar
    You are correct, this is probably the pro 5. Still haven't found anything cheaper for a while and I would argue the AMD version is probably better than the Intel.
  2. GOODSTUFF's avatar
    2 things to note:

    1) its currys, they dont give a damn and will ship in a plastic bag and will probably get a dented laptop box

    2) 140W 4070 doesn’t matter because 4050, 4060 and 4070 laptop GPUs all cap out at 105w due to the way ngreedia has designed them to be
  3. rob.hitch's avatar
    What’s the difference between this and the slim 5? The one I specced is the same gpu/cpu/ram/screen but 200 cheaper? Is the chassis better or something?

    Edit the cpu in the one I specced has the newer (but the same in reality cpu) (edited)
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    There are spec differences but the really important difference relates to the problems associated with the slims overheating and random reboots and random shutdowns and screen turning off and coil whine while the pro's are super smooth. The amd slim with nvidia is much worse than intel slim it seems.

    I also dont want to suggest that every single pro is perfect as there are still the occasional posts about something being wrong with it on arrival but these are the random fails you expect while the slim failures are not just random fails but are also thematic around the issues I mention above and often dont kick in until well after the 14 or 30 day return time has expired.

    The spec differences last year were different ports with a better selection on pro, slim may have one of the ram sticks soldered on, slim may be missing a ssd bay, and cooling is obviously poorer on slim. The missing bay and soldered stick might have just been on early sales or USA versions. If you are thinking about overclocking the slim is not going to be a good choice.

    The slim screen was much poorer at 300 vs 500 nits on pro and some slims were said to be 350 nits but were 300 in reality, there might be a different rgb amount (slightly less colours on slim but most slims were also circa 100% rgb), but it is almost certainly going to be 240hz on pro vs 165hz on slim. There was a slim with 1080p but the 1600p slim vs 1440p pro is more likely.

    Saw it mentioned that the slim did not do dolby video while the pro did, not sure if that was right but probably not important to many peeps either way.

    You might be ok with the screen quality or be using a tv/monitor so they wont be as important to you but if you are using the laptop screen often then it is well worth getting pro on a deal (cheaper with no OS if you can) for the much better screen.

    Need to really check the actual model numbers on lenovo site to confirm what you are getting before you buy.
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