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Posted 20 March 2023

Lenovo Legion Y70 mobile phone, 8 Gen 1+ 128gb/8gb DDR 5, 144Hz Refresh, 1500Hz FHD OLED £227.88 @ AliExpress/Lenovo

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Customs duty may be charged on top of the headline price, usually on items costing more than £135 Information
Good deal for a 8 gen 1 plus phone

Use code AN35 at check out for $35 discount take it down to $274.16 (223.30), pay in dollars and use fee free card.

Does not include country tax

- 8 Gen 1 Plus +
- UFS 3.1 & DDR 5
- 144Hz Refresh, 1500Hz touch
- Cameras look flagship (see spec list below)
- Dual speakers
- Supports OTA
- BT 5.3 & 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, 2*2MIMO
- Seller seems decent
- 68W charger (china plug) and condom case supplied
- 5100 mAh Battery

Full specs: m.gsmarena.com/len…php
AliExpress More details at AliExpress

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  1. The_narrow_path's avatar
    No band 20.
    rapid85's avatar
    This info really needs to be added to the original post. It's a deal breaker for many.
  2. ComingInHot's avatar
    Great spec for the price

    Comes without Google Play app store, so unless one wants to spend a fair amount of time tinkering with it probably not a wise purchase.
    Shrinkwrap's avatar

    Not much time or brain power required looking at this.
  3. Cantona7's avatar
    Google services not supported
  4. djbooth77's avatar
    Condom case? That's an interesting direction for a mobile phone manufacturer to go...
    Karling's avatar
    I wonder who was the dick that come up with such a crass nonsense term for what is phone case?

    World getting madder tse
  5. Dan_the_man28's avatar
    If this had micro sd card support I'd be all over this. Shame manufacturers are taking useful features away from flagship phones
    face-crab's avatar
    It's a false economy so they can charge artificially inflated amounts for higher capacity storage. This is partly why, despite their faults, I've remained with Sony for many years now.
  6. blake4100's avatar
    why they don’t mention GPU in the specs?
    Computerman's avatar
    SOC: 8 Gen 1 Plus +
  7. Wilson_J's avatar
    That touch sample rate figure is crazy!
  8. DarrylJohn's avatar
    Probably the best spec of phone I've seen for the price. Really good value
  9. s10's avatar
    That seems very suspiciously cheap.
    Illegalfall's avatar
    Ikr especially for last yrs chip
  10. DenissB's avatar
    This will never get an Android version bump up, just security patches if you are lucky - waste of money unless you change your phone yearly.
    face-crab's avatar
    Only true if you're not willing to use custom/GSI ROMs.
  11. tjc2005's avatar
    Anyone got a review of the cameras? I have a vivo x60 Pro and want something else but need good cameras. And this doesn't have a stupid curved screen does it?
    Sadik_Brika's avatar
    I have this phone, No curved screen, camera is decent
  12. Stuart_Adam's avatar
    Would UK banking apps work after installing Google Play? That would be my primary concern. I also seen someone above post no Band 20 but on checking elsewhere it says the phone does use Band 20... Anyone know whether or not that's the case?
    hurltd's avatar
    It says its China Version
  13. bazray's avatar
    Does anyone know if hdmi over USB-C is enabled on this phone? Heat for the specs
    komi's avatar
    Not sure, best to check reviews on youtube.
  14. s10's avatar
    Bands will be hit or miss, warranty a no go, no Google Play Services preinstalled and not sure if safety net would like this phone at all so you may not be able to use banking apps and some others.
  15. Richard_Collinson's avatar
    "Your transaction amount of 263.16 USD = 216.32 GBP in your card currency"
    Fee free paying in USD.
    Plus customs on top!
    It's over £135 so good luck!?
  16. Neostar's avatar
    Does a global version exist?
  17. blake4100's avatar
    any customs on top unless get lucky? is it 20%?
    ElRobinio's avatar
    VAT + Import duty, 22%
  18. johnrchilds's avatar

    It's a gaming phone first and foremost.

    Well reviewed, but doesn't look a substitute for a normal daily driver despite all the power.
    Neostar's avatar
    It should be fine for those that live in a country that doesn't use band B20
  19. MAASI_G's avatar
    Had a bad experience with a Lenovo phone a few years ago, where it just died and not sure if reliability has improved?
    Shrinkwrap's avatar
    It's not years ago now and same can be said of every single oem.
  20. kirillav's avatar
    I managed to get it down to $260 USD (212 GBP) + 20% import duty. Overall about £260 delivered for new phone on SN 8+1, doubt anything can beat that value for money. Perfect as a backup phone, and maybe even as a daily driver. Will last for couple of years for sure.. (edited)
    Richard_Collinson's avatar
    Just got a Xiaomi 12 from CEX, B-grade (spotless condition) They sent the 256GB version instead of the 128GB. So that not a bad deal in the end for me. £300 for £260.
  21. realdeals's avatar
    I've been tracking this for some time and I think it's time to bite, for the hardware on show ridiculously cheap is the phrase that comes to mind.
's avatar