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Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa - Misty Blue + 3 Months Apple Services £21.99 - free collection @ Currys

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Further price drop on the Alexa version Lenovo Smart Clock in misty blue (2nd gen). Down to £21.99, believe this is the lowest price the Alexa version has been, beating the Black Friday price. Also comes with 3 months apple Services for new and returning customers. Free collection to store.


Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa - Misty Blue

This Lenovo smart clock has a large 4” LED display so it's easy to read even when you're half asleep. Plus, the brightness adjusts automatically to help ease you out of bed on those early morning starts. With Amazon Alexa, you can set timers, check the weather or add items to your shopping list without lifting a finger. Just start your command with “Alexa” and away you go. Struggle getting up in the morning? Wake up to your favourite playlists or radio stations with the 3 W front-firing speaker. If only everything was that simple.


- You can mute the mic, so it won't wake to your voice, plus there's no camera on-board for your peace of mind
- Use it as an intercom system by adding extra smart clocks around the house– let the family know when dinner is ready
- The soft fabric, modular design looks great on your bedside table


  • Power Mains
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Compatibility - iOS - Android
  • Connectivity - WiFi - Bluetooth 5.1
  • Type Smart alarm clock
  • Compatible app Amazon Alexa app


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Currys More details at Currys

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  1. Kupo's avatar
    Does this work as a 'Ring' doorbell chimer?
    _Jay_Kay_'s avatar
    yes its like a regular Alexa device regarding setup.
  2. RainbowShooter's avatar
    Shame they removed the night light and USB port that the previous generation had.
    davew2011's avatar
    Oh, the one I bought has both of these .

    sure you’re not thinking of the non-essential version ?
  3. pembo1970's avatar
    10 percent cashback through top cashback as well cheers.
  4. tony211166's avatar
    Ahhh, looking for a projector clock, any ideas guys?
    Mark_Garner's avatar
    LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock, Alarm Clocks Bedside with FM Radio, Digital Radio Clock with Projector, Large VA Display, 4-Level Dimmer, Snooze, Digital Clocks for Bedrooms amzn.eu/d/3…wgq

    I got this one before xmas,usb port for charging my watch. Shame it's not radio controlled but I could never get a signal anyway on my old one
  5. Lord.vader's avatar
    I have an echo dot with clock but the displays lowest level is still bright . This looks interesting but would I gain much over what I already have?
    aclondon's avatar
    Yeh I agree, so now have a routing that turns the display on and off at certain times.
  6. RagnaRockPT's avatar
    It needs a button to tell the time. I don’t want to speak or open my eyes while in vegetative state 30min before my actual awakening time
    BraddersJ's avatar
    You don't want to open your eyes but you do want to blindly fumble for a small button... Have you thought that one through bud?
  7. Smfn53's avatar
    Are these any good? On the The previous version the digits started to go missing after about 6months (edited)
    cullies's avatar
    i have one, its excellent no issues
  8. Savvy1's avatar
    Will this display song name like the new echo 5th gen with clock?
    TECHSPEC's avatar
    No it's more of an old fashioned alarm clock with Alexa added. Displays time, with temp and humidity outside.
  9. john733's avatar
    Does this mean 3 mths Apple Services (including music) even if someone is a returning customer? Just going to throw this out there - what happens if you buy, redeem the Apple code and then return the clock??
    starsi360's avatar
    Well on the one hand you get 3 months of free music streaming, but on the other hand when you die you go straight to hell, spending all eternity suffering. Only you can decide if it's worth it.
  10. blazons's avatar
    Wonder if it could be used as a WiFi thermometer that could trigger an action when it reaches a certain temperature (switching on a smart plug to a fan heater for example)?
    LeelaBliss's avatar
    I think your thinking over 18 thoughts :/ or I am
  11. LAS00's avatar
    What is Apple Service? Abit silly for a Lenovo clock. Or is this just a throw away promotion
  12. krisztiannkiss's avatar
    Can't recommend these lenovos if you want to use them as a smart assistant. Their microphones are really bad.
  13. Nick747a's avatar
    Is this similar to the google one? We have one and love it but wife prefers alexa
  14. kiwi12's avatar
    Can I use this to watch cctv smart cameras tp link tapo ones?
  15. Pottermus's avatar
    Previous model has the capability to turn off the clock display during the night on a timer basis so hopefully this one does also. Very useful and clock comes on for 5 seconds by pressing a single button if you do need the time. (edited)
  16. wyabcp's avatar
    What's the speaker like on this for listening to audiobooks etc?
  17. KopCity's avatar
    How loud is this please?

    I'm partially deaf lol
  18. fwog's avatar
    Listen to you whilst you're humping 👀 (edited)
's avatar