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Posted 16 December 2022

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant + Up to 3 months Apple Services (New/returning) = £18.99 (free collection) @ Currys

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant back on offer. Not quite the black Friday price but still a decent price for a last minute gift etc. Also up to 3 months Apple services for new/returning customers. Free collection to store.

Apple Services information:
Get up to 3 months Apple Music, Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ and Apple Fitness+ free.
New/returning customers only. 01/10/22 until further notice. Cannot have already redeemed Apple service from Currys group. Standard monthly price starts after trial unless cancelled

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Google Assistant - 3.8" Screen - Grey

  • Voice controlled WiFi speaker & clock
  • Built-in night light
  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Stream music / podcasts / radio stations
  • Control your smart home devices
  • 4 inch screen

Wake up with Google

Get the best start to the day with the Lenovo Essential Smart Clock with Google Assistant. Wake up to the news, your favourite playlist, or your lamp gradually brightening - whatever you like really.

Need more rest? Simply tap the clock for a sneaky extra 10 minutes. Or just ask Google to turn it down.

See the time at a glance on the easy-to-read LED display. Your phone will be fully charged thanks to the handy USB port (you can even set a reminder for that).

Everyday routines made easy

Get a little help from Google with your daily routines. Set timers for cooking, baking or to manage your kids' screen times.

And when it's time for bed, a night-time routine can help you drift off. Turn off your smart lights, set your alarm, and play some relaxing music. All you need to say is “Hey Google, goodnight,” and get snuggled under the duvet.

A smarter home

Google Assistant works with over 40,000 smart home devices, including lights, plugs, cameras, baby monitors, and thermostats. And it has a built-in nightlight, so you'll never stumble on your late night walk to the fridge or toilet.

The Lenovo Smart Clock can be grouped with other Chromecast speakers, so you can keep listening to the news as you head to the kitchen. Or ask the Assistant to cast a Netflix show to your Chromecast TV for a lazy Sunday lie-in.

Privacy matters

Rest easy, the Lenovo Clock is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. You can mute the mic, so it won't wake to your voice, plus there's no camera on-board for your peace of mind.

Delivery / Returns

Currys More details at Currys

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  1. Avatar
    Both my kids have these and they have to be rebooted once a week as they drop off the network...
    You may have a duff router as mine’s been as steady as a rock since pairing.
  2. Avatar
    Had mine for just over a year now and it's become almost unusable as a clock/weather readout given that the display segments are half dead. Doesn't surprise me that this is a common fault.
    I did a full reset on mine I think there is a small reset button you need to press and this fixed mine. Mine was the one up from this though
  3. Avatar
    Pixels start disappearing just after a year, conveniently when warranty runs out. This has happened for many, including me. Currys nor Lenovo offer to do anything about it, knowing it's a common fault
    This model doesn't have a pixellated display, are you referring to the next one up in the range with the screen? This one is verging on analogue!
  4. Avatar
    Lenovo is pretty bad for updates and bug fixes
    Yes, I've noticed similar also, when it come's to both their phone's + tablet's also. :-(

    Can't comment of their fancy clock's like the OP's above though?, as I don't own one. :-D

    Their laptop's are decent as hell though. :-)
  5. Avatar
    This deal seems weird, if you use Google why would you bundle apple services?
    And why would you need 3 moths
  6. Avatar
    Had one for a couple of years now, no problems whatsover.
  7. Avatar
    Can you dim or turn off the display on this? My missus needs total darkness to be able to sleep.
    Yes, via the Google home app. Enable Night mode and you can have the display dimmed or blank between times that you specify.
  8. Avatar
    Is this definitely the same model as the one known to have screen issues?

    What sort of alarm options are there? My wife needs something quiet so she doesn't wake me up
    Alarm options limited I'd say. May need to look elsewhere for quiet, as far as I know there is only one and it's a pretty loud and unpleasant noise
  9. Avatar
    I have two of these and have had them over a year and a lot of hotukdeal previous offers posted with comments, worth a read. My experience to date is they are great devices suitable for most rooms. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Mine also has issues with parts of the display being faulty.
    USB port is handy for charging my watch but speaker isn't great.
    Can't really recommend based on age and screen issues. Not voted either way as price lower than I paid but less than 2 years before it develops a fault is poor (and based on the other comments seems to be common).
  11. Avatar
    Bought these Black Friday for 15 quid and got a few months Apple TV. Crazy deal. Even at this price. Not had an issue yet but still new. Best value thing I’ve bought in a while. Has a nightlight. Plays radio or YouTube music via voice commands and can easily tell it to set multiple alarms or change volume etc.
    Give it time.
  12. Avatar
    after google duo not wrking for over a year on my home hub from lenovo, ill never buy another lenovo product again,
    Are you having the echo problem?
  13. Avatar
    Great clock, no problems so far what so ever (year old), I suppose time will tell
    Not if the LCD display is like mine
  14. Avatar
    How I claim my three moth apples?
  15. Avatar
    49077699-Hwg1U.jpg (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Have the same one in kitchen.yes hot for me
  17. Avatar
    Great clock Got this the last time although I’m sure it was a tad cheaper (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Bought the Alexa version of this and it is absolutely brilliant.
    As in, you went for an Amazon Show instead, or something?.

    Or ...

  19. Avatar
    Bought this on the last deal, absolutely love it for the price can't fault it.. heat from me
  20. Avatar
    Possible 11.25% cashback via quidco for "selected Lenovo smart clock purchases"
    15% cashback now available thru Topcashback on "Lenovo Smart Clocks"
  21. Avatar
    Worth £11 cash to CeX, 3 months Apple TV+ is £20.97 💪
  22. Avatar
    Although they've now cancelled my click & collect order
  23. Avatar
    Display problems are common. I'm now experiencing Google replying 'Sorry there is a Glitch, try again'
    Go into your router settings, and disable IPv6.

    Reboot router, and that should work.

    Maybe try a simple router reboot first though. (edited)
  24. Avatar
    Alright these little clocks, had one for a while, does rhe job, sound is decent.
  25. Avatar
    I see IOS Google Home app has Night Mode back which can help fix the display on broken/dim LEDs.

    Go into notifications/digital well-being, and enable Nite mode from say, 11pm to 8am, and set light level to about 1/3rd.

    You might need a higher light level depending on how bad your LEDs are.
    This might help me as I find it far too bright, it actually faces the wall, so is really only used as a speaker & alarm..
  26. Avatar
    I bought a Motorola Edge X30 (incredible phone btw) and there was a promo to get one of these as a freebie. Not actually got it yet, but if you happen to want one of these and bought a Motorola phone recently then motorolaedge30ultra.promo.uk.com/
  27. Avatar
    Brilliant little device . Great value and works well. Had mine over 2 years and still works perfect
  28. Avatar
    I've had one in the bedroom for a couple of years, no problems and wife also uses the nightlight function.
    Don't find the sound quality great, but acceptable.
  29. Avatar
    How on Earth are they allowed to keep selling these with the design flaw of the display dying? Also, it's way too bright even on the lowest setting. And no, I don't want to turn the screen off fully.
  30. Avatar
    Have two and love them- very impressed with speaker quality (for a small room). Illuminatation automatic dimming is soo useful and alarm with gradient light increase is perfect! For 18 pounds- definitely yes, even if it’s previous model….
  31. Avatar
    These are a faulty product yet always posted and always gets heat.
  32. Avatar
    My purchase of this item was a waste of money does not work and does not pick up a connection to the app or Alexa
  33. Avatar
    Mine has developed missing segments too
    How long has it been in use?
  34. Avatar
    Had mine for a year now with no issues at all. The auto dim at night is brilliant and the sound for a bedroom is perfectly adequate!
  35. Avatar
    Had mine 2 years and it's brilliant. Built in night light and sound is perfect for a bedroom. Works flawlessly
  36. Avatar
    I bought 3 last year, never had a problems with them .been great
  37. Avatar
    Digits started to slowly die on mine after 6 months. I have to guess what time it is now pretty much.