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LENOVO Tab M10 10.1" Tablet - 64 GB, Grey £129 @ Currys

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I know that this product has already been posted before but the Very link was OOS and just thought it would be nice for others to find that it's still in stock at currys. I wanted this but missed out on the Very stock and spent hours looking.

With the Lenovo Tab M10 tablet, you'll have all your apps, websites, and media at your fingertips. The vibrant Full HD display makes your movies and TV shows look vivid and lifelike. And the dual speakers optimized with Dolby Atmos complement the visuals with amazing sound. You don't need to worry about running out of power. With up to 10 hours of battery life, it can get you through a day of browsing and chatting with enough juice left to watch your favourite show in the evening.

Good to know

- With a 5 MP front camera and a 8 MP camera on the back, it's great for video calls too
- The octa-core processor and 4 GB of RAM keep the system running smoothly even when multitasking
- There's a microSD card slot supporting up to 2 TB of extra storage for all your apps, photos, and videos
- You can take it anywhere - the aluminium body is both sturdy and elegant
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  1. Avatar
    £25 bonus and upto 25% cashback on Quidco for purchases over £100 too. Ordered.
    Same here. Also had a gift card, with the cashback they may end up paying me for the tablet
  2. Avatar
    For those that activated the Quidco offer (spend £100+ on electricals, get £25) this is even sweeter.
    Also, dont forget to use whatever discounted Currys gift cards you may have access to, else AirtimeRewards offers 1% I think for most users.
    Oh no! I didn't know about this hahaha!
  3. Avatar
    Starting to feel lost, went back to the Curry's website according to that no order in, Quidco showing £1.08 against a charge from Curry's of £107.50 and a pending payment on my bank account for £129.00.

    Suppose I will just have to wait and see what happens....
    £107.50 is the price with the VAT taken off (£129.00 - £21.50 VAT = £107.50)

    Hope that helps (edited)
  4. Avatar
    I can’t find a Quidco offer for £25 back when spend over £100 at Currys.
    It's on the home screen when you log in
    48831124_1.jpg (edited)
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    Got one of these as a freebie. First Android device, find it so slow compared to iPhone/iPad 
    £120 tablet is slower than £700 tablet shocker.
  6. Avatar
    Argos are offering Lenovo M10 2nd Gen 10.1in 64GB HD Tablet - Grey at £119.99

    Product No ZA6W0137GB and EAN 195042522341


    Is this the same as the Currys offer - better or worse - please.

    I can't see the Product and EAN numbers on the Currys website which would make things clearer.

    The Argos one is gen 2 curry’s is gen 3 definitely worth the extra £10 getting the gen 3
  7. Avatar
    This is not Gen 3 , it is gen 2.1 an old model, you can see by the power source, cam, android etc. gsmarena.com/com…406

    I gave it a hot, but i would not get it, as gen 3 is much better and the processor speed is 2.0 and this one is 1.8, so it lags watching new 1080 movies and big file size. I do not want to jump from a struggling tablet to another one.
    There’s a 3rd gen plus and a 3rd gen. Whay you posted above is incorrect.
  8. Avatar
    I get confused with these Lenovo tablets Gen 2, Gen3... Im guessing that this is Gen 3 the same as the Very deal?

    Im surprised not to see more Black Friday Tablet deals (edited)
    Yeah it is the same as the Very deal.
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    I want to get a table to watch Netflix on. Should I pay the extra and get this or will a Fire HD 10 do me fine?
    The Fire HD 10 is a good media consumer by all accounts. If that is all what you want to do, the extra GB of ram and 32GB of storage, or google play out of the box, or face recognition etc. this has, will be of little consequence to you and might not worth the premium. This is nevertheless outstanding value - it is cheaper than a Fire HD 10 Plus with 64GB.
  10. Avatar
    Do these have the media license to play Netflix and stuff above 720p? MicroSD is nice.
    What you want to Google is [tablet name] widevine level. This one has level 3 which means netflix etc will not be full HD. FYI The Amazon fire tablets have level 1 and you can easily add the play store and custom launchers to them
  11. Avatar
    Looking for 2 kids tablets age 6 and 9. What would you recommend. This, the Samsung a8 or the fire 10 Pro. Thanks
    It is a much of a muchness. The only differences worth noting may be the software updates and the screen quality. Feel the Lenovo is slightly better, whilst Samsung might get longer updates, and as for amazon, their own software limits its appeal for me slightly, even though there are work arounds.

    If still unsure, just get whichever one you can get on the cheap, so long as they have 4g ram. I doubt your kids will notice the differences.
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    I can't see that cashback on quidco... Anyone have a link please?
    Expired now. The offer was only running until midnight.
  13. Avatar
    Thank you. Found it for £119 on argos and have ordered
    £119 one at Argos is gen2, slower CPU, lower res screen, etc.
  14. Avatar
    3rd gen - weird lenovo android version (11 I'm still waiting on 12, maybe it will help, I installed nova launcher finally as couldn't stand those gestures and etc), 16:10 screen so it gets black bars when watching movies, the speakers are not loud enough (compare with galaxy s10, it's like 1/3 less than phone speakers). Fast enough. If Quidco did not track that £25 I will send it back. The problem is there is nothing really better for that price. I hoped those speakers will be louder than in amazon hd10+ but sounds like they are not, only dolby atmos movie option give it some boost. I know there was that amazon hd10+ refurbished for £87, but I'm not sure I would want to use android 9. So... not many options. M10+ might be louder than HD10+, but M10 is not.
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    Brilliant deal, thanks for sharing. I'd actually bought a Gen 2 on Amazon this morning for £20 more! Just requested cancellation on that and ordered this. Should be a way to buy people a pint on here, although I guess it defeats the object of saving money slightly (not to mention, a pint probably costs over £20 these days)!
    Toffee crisp should do the job. (edited)
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    I went for free delivery and it's here already even though estimate was wednesday, decided to not sync entire Google app library and just install a few media apps and odd game. It still needed a half hour for a few system and app updates,I recommend a couple reboots as that seemed to help it get system updates. Have to say, device feels premium for £100, much more solid than a Amazon tablet but then it is fairly heavy in comparison. Screen is great on YouTube, twitch, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, not laggy at all, chrome feels snappy and it charged quickly on my galaxy s22 charger. Overall for £100ish if quidco comes through, honestly can't complain at all
  17. Avatar
    Just what I was looking for. Thanks for posting
    Glad I could help! Literally spend a couple of hours looking as I really wanted to get one of these for my daughter.
  18. Avatar
    Pulled the trigger. Cheers!
  19. Avatar
    I tried to get Currys to price match this yesterday to Very They gave me a code and said I had to wait until today... well well well.
  20. Avatar
    Cheap but not a good screen
  21. Avatar
    Can you use an active pen with these?
  22. Avatar
    Ordered Thanks
  23. Avatar
    Trying to use Quidco, never really used it before, I have opted into the offer but when I get to the screen saying it will take me to the Curry's website it just goes to a quidco page ... any help/suggestions
    If I use the upper link it takes me to the curry's website if I use the lower one it doesn't, will it matter if I have opted into the lower offer?48831943-7NPIg.jpg
  24. Avatar
    I know it's not an ipad but what would it be like for a teenager for school work and social stuff? She's currently using an ipad air so running old ios and a lot of apps can't be used now. Thanks
    I have a Lenovo P11 Plus, and in many ways prefer it to my iPad Pro 11", really
  25. Avatar
    Any good folio case for it? Can't find anything half decent on Amazon... 
  26. Avatar
    thank you decent specs for the money and cashback. ordered
  27. Avatar
    Anybody confirm what % did this track at Quidco? As it says up to 25%
    Tracked at £1.08. If you signed up for the £25 bonus, that should appear once it has moved to Confirmed, I think.
  28. Avatar
    With 3 separate orders (don't ask) from 3 different quidco accounts (note bonus can only be used once by an account), only one was tracked (and instantly), with an email from quidco saying £107.50 with £1.08 cashback, which I expect to be ok, because it is clear from the Quidco activity page that the £25 Bonus is already stated as "tracked" after opt in. I must say the 1 in 3 success rate in tracking is not good... YMMV.

    In case it helps, it is possible to cancel (undelivered) Currys orders fairly painlessly through "webchat", if you steer the virtual assistant towards a human by answering its questions with a suitable string of response: Cancel order / Online / Something else / Wrong product / No / "click here".
    hmm, not looking good for me, not properly tracked after 15mins, annoying
  29. Avatar
    taken a punt on this after missing out on one the other day, hopefully quidco will track okay, it said it recorded my visit so fingers crossed.

    Anyone know if we get the added extra of 6 months apple tv too ?
  30. Avatar
    Can you expand the memory to include games and apps?
  31. Avatar
    Surely M10 Plus with android 12 and 128GB is worth the extra?
    How much is that?
  32. Avatar
    Ordered even though I wanted honour 8 or oppo pad but at 100 what could go wrong
  33. Avatar
    Anyone know how this compares to a Samsung a7? Want the extra storage for my son but otherwise happy with how that one performs.
  34. Avatar
    quidco tracked at £1.08
    That's a shame, so much for 18.75% then?
  35. Avatar
    £1.25 for me. I signed up to Quidco for this, so being new, I'm unfamiliar with how it works. I took screenshots at each step so maybe I should contact them. Any advice from anyone who has experience of Quidco would be welcome. Worst case scenario is that I get a new tablet for a good price even if I don't get the 18.75%.
    Thanks to the op for posting. Heat added.
  36. Avatar
    is trade in available?
  37. Avatar
    Looks like it didn't track on Quidco for me
    Same here. Even though it said my visit was recorded. I will contact them.
  38. Avatar
    Will this handle Roblox and Minecraft smoothly? Better than the Fire HD 8 plus? Thanks
  39. Avatar
    Can this play netflix in FHD? (edited)
    Learned in this thread, it’s widevine l3. So no. (edited)
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