Posted 16 March 2023

Lenovo ThinkPad P16s, AMD R7 6850U, 512GB , 16GB RAM £899 @ The IT Bay

Free from United Kingdom
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A light Workstation at 1.7kg, these usually goes for a lot more, but I think there is a new generation cooking with the 7000 series CPU. They are good solid machines for work. I don't play computer games, so I can't tell you how good this will be for gamers. The seller is a large supplier, and I have have never had issues buying from them.

Topcashback 4.25%

Lenovo ThinkPad P16s Gen 1 21CK - 180-degree hinge design - AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 6850U / 2.7 GHz - AMD PRO - Win 10 Pro 64-bit (includes Win 11 Pro Licence) - Radeon 680M - 16 GB RAM - 512 GB SSD TCG Opal Encryption 2, NVMe, Value - 16" IPS 1920 x 1200 - Wi-Fi 6E - black - kbd: UK - with 3 Years Lenovo Premier Support, Co2 Offset 1.5 ton
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Part of the business trade-in, Lenovo will accept any laptop, workstation, desktop that have been manufactured after 1st January 2010. lenovopromotions.com/thi…rks

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  1. R_Moh's avatar
    52.5WHr seems on the small size, no? The U series processor is low power consumption though, decisions decisions..

    The last thinkpad I owned had a small light at the top bezzel to illuminate the keyboard "old school backlight"
    Great find, thanks OP
    Edit: it seems that the battery is too small, based on reddit posts people are reporting less than 5 hour battery life. 1GB of the RAM is allcated to the gpu too, leaving 14.8GB. (edited)
    Shavestick's avatar
    Let me chip in from my experience with several of these units in the workplace. The battery will last you at least six to seven hours under good load like data manipulations, heavy spreadsheets with lots of formulas and some minor graphic intensive work). Without too much work, I saw these nudging the 10 hours.
    Lenovo recognised the need to have something bigger in place, so if you purchase directly from Lenovo in their configurator, you can choose an 86W unit for few more squids.
  2. runnybabbit's avatar
    This has 680M which is apparently the most powerful iGPU (for now). The display is 400 nits IPS with 100% sRGB. Pretty good deal.

    TCB is also saying 4.25% cashback for this site.
  3. Thumbnail's avatar
    Can't stand the number pad
  4. TechFiend's avatar
    This is a great price for a serious spec machine.

    This is actually the latest mobile Ryzen version I believe.
  5. MrJuice's avatar
    this it what i've been waiting for. 680m 16gb ddr5
  6. jamesmhunt's avatar
    I picked up one of these (actually the 32GB / 1TB SSD version) and it is seriously good build quality and value for the price. I even found a code on Topcashback (TC10) which knocked 10% off the price, so the upgraded model (out of stock now) was barely any more than this!
    MrJuice's avatar
    This is a long shot but do you know how many watts it uses whilst watching a YouTube video. You'd need to have a plug in power consumption monitor like this.
  7. Mich99's avatar
    does anybody know that seller? is it legit?
    HavocLP's avatar
    Have you read OP description at least....?
  8. RustySpoons's avatar
    Amazing deal, if this was a 14" I'd be all over this!
  9. Smoggy1970's avatar
    Radeon 680M graphics. Nice!
  10. Jonez86's avatar
    Nice spec machine for the price!

    We use a range of Lenovo thinkpads at my work place and they're robust reliable machines. IT dept. love them as they cause them very little issues unlike our old Dells!
    NitrousUK's avatar
    I've had a few Dells through work and in recent years, they've been a nightmare. No end of issues, like going crazy hot and draining the battery while "asleep", overheating, getting stuck in sleep (forcing a reset), keyboard missing presses, trackpad going crazy when laptop is plugged in. They really seem to have gone downhill lately, as these were the Latitude and XPS models.
    Got an X1 Carbon G9, and it's been solid.
  11. someperson's avatar
    Looks Good, but shame you cant install extra RAM.
  12. rodman's avatar
    Crazy cheap, topcashback tracked £31.87, plus it is part of trade-in 20% off, comes with 3 Years Lenovo Premier Support.

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