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Refurbished: Lenovo ThinkPad T480 Core i5-8350U 16GB Ram 256GB SSD FHD - V. GOOD - Refurb £211.99 with code @ newandusedlaptops4u / eBay

£211.99£26520% off
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This an item supplied by Newandusedlaptops4u and has a full 12 Month Guarantee More Info.

Quality: Very Good - Refurbished (Click link above)

Processor: Intel Core i5-8350U 1.70GHz

Processor Generation: 8th Generation

Memory: 16GB DDR4

Hard Drive: 256GB SSD

Screen Size: 14-inch FHD widescreen. 1920 x 1080

CD Drive: None

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64 Bit

Battery: Minimum 2 hours standby - Please note this laptop has one battery installed. A second battery was optional when the laptop was originally manufactured. However, this laptop does not include the second battery.

Graphics Card: Intel UHD 620 Graphics

AC Adapter: Included

WiFi: Yes

Network: Internal

USB Ports: 2

Various: Webcam, HDMI, SD Card Reader, USB-C

Free postage and 30 returns.
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  1. onepantsman0's avatar
    I posted some information in an earlier deal that may be helpful for potential buyers here

    the stock screen is pretty bad at 250nits and 45% RGB colour gamut. You might want to swap the panel out for
    something like this N140HCG-GQ2

    Fix for the cpu throttling problem on linux

    If you want to run MacOS, there's a comprehensive guide here
    github.com/val…-oc (edited)
    poster74's avatar
    Does anyone know what the screen resolution is? Also does this come with the 'poor' 250nits screen? Thanks
  2. Deal_Veteran's avatar
    Does anyone know if the RAM is upgradeable on the T480?
    onepantsman0's avatar
    2 unsoldered ram slots maximum of 64GB (2x32GB).
  3. Paulw0t's avatar
    Mainland only. Great price if it would ship to NI
    G_dilla's avatar
    Have you looked at something like this? It'll obviously be an extra delivery cost but still an option.

    ukpostbox.com/ (edited)
  4. TALON1973's avatar
    Hold on…. 2 hours battery in standby
    MagicBoy's avatar
    That the seller covering their arse in case it's got a worn battery.
  5. Maaly's avatar
    Or is it better to pay the extra £30 for the i7 in the T480 ? (edited)
    MagicBoy's avatar
    I wouldn't they run hotter so throttle earlier. There's only a couple percent in it performance wise.
  6. andrew.masters's avatar
    Is it better to pay the extra £70 for the i7 and having the T490??
    skeletonson's avatar
    No. The T480 is the last great ThinkPad.
  7. erjin999's avatar
    Almost purchased when it was £238 recently, but this is an even better price.

    ----- edit -----

    I felt it would be rude not to buy at this price!

    +++ Edit +++

    Link to firmware update utility, if it is needed. Please double check your laptop specs first.

    Check your firmware version by right clicking on the system tray Thunderbolt icon and choosing "About". (edited)
    Tank12345's avatar
    Really? Fancy that £211 being less than £238

    Ordered and thanks
  8. sergiup's avatar
    Thanks OP - didn't go for this one, but I did find a T480P that even though it has a 7th gen (i7-7820HQ though, speeeeed), is supposedly officially compatible with W11. The higher resolution screen swung it for me. (edited)
  9. TheShadowWalker's avatar
    Just received mine.

    - backlit keyboard
    - fingerprint sensor
    - 1 internal and 1 external 24wh battery
    - laptop is pretty much in pristine cosmetic condition apart from wear on touchpad

    - has a dead white pixel
    - both batteries are pretty bad Main battery's showing 10/24wh. External battery showing 9/24wh.
    - thunderbolt driver is version 17. Tried to update and after restart it still shows version 17. Not sure why
    MadeInBeats's avatar
    The firmware needs to be ver. 20+, looks like the latest is ver. 23. The driver on the other hand, 17.40 seems to be the latest, so you're OK on that, just check the firmware on it.
  10. fritz8's avatar
    Thanks OP laptop I received today is in very good condition.
  11. hcc27's avatar
    Great price for 16GB version. I think the cheapest it has ever bee. Think I paid £229 from itzoo a year ago.
    Have an X270 purchased from these guys 2 years ago, apart from reprinted Spanish keyboard which is a risk with any reseller, it almost looked new and even had 6 months of Lenovo extended warranty left. The kb is fine but you can't use the backlight as it shows up gibberish. Of course, there were many who received the original English kB so it's a lottery.

    supermann's avatar
    It's the cheapest when ram is considered but if you don't need the extra ram then you could have got an 8GB version for £198.50 delivered not that long ago.
  12. Funkyboy's avatar
    How old are these machines please
    onepantsman0's avatar
    2017 / 2018
    Right around the time the first wave of Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities were discovered
    Of course microcode mitigation was released not long after
  13. sundance's avatar
    I'd love to buy one of these but have concerns over the Thunderbolt firmware update.

    Will it have been updated during refurbishment?

    If not, can I rely on the Lenovo Vantage app to install it, or is it necessary to download and install it ?

    Many thanks.
    MadeInBeats's avatar
    1 Year repair warranty, so there's that.

    I seen a review video where this was gone over. Looks like the Lenovo update app installs it. It mentioned if driver is ver 20 or above, it's good.

    Given that the issue showed up after 6-12 months of use, I'm willing to bet these were upgraded a goof while ago:
    windowscentral.com/lot…fix (edited)
  14. mazerunner9783's avatar
    Is lenovo T480 better than latitude 5490 in a similar configuration? Any advise?
    MadeInBeats's avatar
    Looks better [Lenovo] from the one I looked at. 5490 has 7th gen CPU, not 8th and screen is only HD, not FHD. That was just a brief look. (edited)
  15. maxp's avatar
    Ugh, mine has just arrived - dead on arrival.
    Screen or GPU is broken, resulting in visual artifacts / flickering.
    tea_drinker's avatar
    Sorry to hear that, doesn't inspire confidence in their refurbishment process.
  16. Sunni's avatar
    Pot luck with this company. Bought a T480 and had to return it due to screen pressure damage. Bought a T490 and it won’t even boot. Returning that too. Wouldn’t recommend unless you’re willing to take a chance.
  17. TheShadowWalker's avatar
    Finally managed to get one! Looks like from previous threads, the important thing to do is:

    - Update thunderbolt firmware
    - Replace thermal compound

    Anything else?
    EN1GMA's avatar
    replacing the compound........thats me out.
  18. Dan_MacIver's avatar
    Seller won't send to Scottish Highlands. Seller won't pay for my return flight to collect in person. Seller won't pay to relocate me and my family from Scottish Highlands. COLD
    MagicBoy's avatar
    Surely you know someone who doesn't live in the Scottish Highlands, and can forward it on to you.
  19. Smoggy1970's avatar
  20. markinoxon's avatar
    Cheers OP. I went for the larger screened P50 i7 with 32ram/512ssd for £296... delighted!
    danishjee's avatar
    link please
  21. shonkydonkey's avatar
    Good spec for the price and unsoldered RAM have some heat!
  22. Snitsaros's avatar
    Bought. Fingers crossed on quality. Thanks op
    erjin999's avatar
    Same here. Bought and fingers crossed!

    It would be nice if they're as described, even better if some of us get lucky and get a backlit keyboard or something.
  23. Munkee's avatar
    Dunno if it was the thunderbolt that did my wife’s but external battery died and can’t get it to initialise at all ( only did 134 cycles )

    Luckily the dual battery when it did go made it easier to fix . Gotta source a new battery though which is annoying

    solid machine though for what it’s worth . Upgrade the firmwares though . Wish I knew (edited)
    Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    extremely easy to take apart and upgrade too. can even pry it apart with your fingernails after undoing the screws. Watched a video that highly recommended removing the heatsink on the CPU and putting new thermal compound down. I had a tube left over from a desktop build so I did this when I did the RAM upgrade. Sucks on the battery though, they're not that cheap actually. They feel very lightweight too. But I have both batteries.
  24. jimboo54's avatar
    I've got an 8th gen i5 laptop with 8gb. Except for gaming, does everything everything my desktop amd 5600 6750xt 16gb ram does. About as fast, day to day use. Im sure I'd notice a difference if I started intensive video editing or whatever but for Microsoft office, etc, absolutely fine. Runs windows 11 no problems
  25. teerex's avatar
    Nice deal, even better than last week. Maybe it'll be cheaper next week? Lol
  26. rabb5it's avatar
    Thank you very much op and the contributers extra comments above. (apart from the last two ) Have spent half a day researching this and making sure its what I need. I've just bought it with a few quid off with Nectar and TCB (edited)
  27. gdl's avatar
    Just received the one I ordered as a new occasional use laptop for my father in law. It's cosmetically tidy apart from on the bottom which has a few more scuffs and scratches. Generic PSU in the box (which I haven't tried yet). According to the Lenovo website, the one I got was originally sold in Poland. Batteries (x2) don't look great but he will mainly use it plugged in and I can probably replace the batteries in time if needed

    Just noticed the right mouse button on the trackpad is dead. Will have to contact the seller to get replaced or refunded. That's a shame (edited)
  28. Rocky96's avatar
    Can this connect to two monitors? I am just looking between a mac mini and an ubuntu laptop for programming.
    Patr100's avatar
    From what I can see this only has a HDMI port, no other screen outputs.
    It may be possible to use some kind of HDMI splitter to output to two monitors in Windows
    but you need to check it will extend the Windows display , not just duplicate it.
  29. asylbekmukhanov's avatar
    Ace machine and great price. I recently got the t490, but had to return it. The usb c was a bit flimsy, which is also a problem on even my work t490. And also you do need to update the thunderbolt firmware as it won't immediately work with usb c monitors. I decided to return mine but still great laptop, use these as my work machine and it's amazing
  30. jkennyd's avatar
    Code not working now
    Matt_Barlow's avatar
    Works for me, discount only comes off at the very final checkout bit right before you pay
  31. doveman007's avatar
    Isn't a 1.7Ghz i5 a bit underpowered for Windows 10/11?
    Johnmcl7's avatar
    That's the base speed, it can turbo up to 3.6Ghz and has no problems with Windows 11 - this behaviour is typical with ULV processors.
  32. poster74's avatar
    Does anyone know much it would cost to return this laptop (roughly), if I'm not happy with it
    stellamaris's avatar
    You should be covered by Ebay's guarantee if it's not as described. If you simply don't want it it will be approx £10 to courier.

    I'd be wary of this company though, I bought an X220 laptop from them a few years ago and, although it looked superifically OK when it arrived, when I tried to use it half the keys wouldn't function. After a bit of investigating I discovered there were clumps and clumps of what appeared to be dog hair under the keys - it was pretty gross, needless to say I returned it.
  33. fiqqer's avatar
    if its anything like my organisation did you may be fortunate and get an almost new one. We had to replace all our t480s even ones only a few months old as we had to have laptops with TPM modules to comply with our new security system. We were purchasing t480 right up until November 2022 with this exact specification and it easily coped with everyday work.
    Only designers and cadcam specialists required something more powerful with a dedicated graphics card.
    dcx_badass's avatar
    The 8350U (and Intel 8th gen and later) has built in TPM with official Windows 11 support, how come that wasn't good enough?
  34. Robdataff's avatar
    Nice specs, it's still a solid system.

    Dull screen. Don't buy it for media consumption though.

    That's the major issue with these business machines. Good for spreadsheets, rubbish for movies.

    And I know what I do more on a personal laptop.
    Jemmers99's avatar
    Ha enjoy your "movies"
  35. Xenu_Jahbulon's avatar
    Got one on the last offer recently, which wasn't as good as this. Upgraded it with 64GB and a 1TB NVMe. Very happy with it, solid machine. I got lucky and got one with the second battery in it too despite the seller saying it didn't have it (seller is the same one as this) but he sold people machines with dodgy ram, but to be fair, he fixed it and sent me new RAM but I upgraded anyway afterwards.

    Overall solid little laptop, and well worth the cost. Mine was pretty much like new, and 2 years old according to vantage. I'm considering adding a second disk via the WWAN M.2 socket but the prices aren't too good but I want to play with OSX too. Just for the fun of it. Solid drivers. Fast enough for everything I need. Battery life is OK, it's not going to be brand new laptop lifetime no, but I can get about 7 hours out of it with light browsing/music/video work. (edited)
    dcx_badass's avatar
    I can't comment on the longterm reliability but it's been fine the few months I've had it, I've got the 512GB 2242 version of this running in an L480. I'm not sure if the T480 has the same restriction but the L480 needs a B+M keyed NVME as well as it being 2242 so they're pretty had to find for a decent price, this was under £30.
    aliexpress.com/ite…tml (edited)
  36. batmanson's avatar
    Would this be a good replacement for a 5th gen i7 8gb Ram Lenovo U31. Only used for admin/browsing and a bit of Football Manager?
    MadeInBeats's avatar
    3 generations newer, so yes. Football manager would run even better. Double the RAM will help you out too.
  37. stunaley's avatar
    Has anyone received yet and can comment on condition . I’m very interested in getting one of these but not heard of the company before.
  38. Swahmad's avatar
    After looking at the comments decided to buy! Thanks.
    Don't need it currently but will in few months time and at this price point I don't think I'll get anything cheaper with these specs and hopefully will last me a while
    Definitely was not looking to buy a laptop today though
  39. maxp's avatar
    Anyone care to comment on upgrading the panel on these, or is it economically pointless?
    MagicBoy's avatar
    My 2p - the stock Full FHD IPS 250 nit panel that most have is fine. On a really bright day you'll need it maxed out on the brightness, that's about the only criticism.

    The 768p TN one is garbage but thankfully uncommon unless your company are skinflints.
  40. Flyer01's avatar
    Picks up mobile phone to read about the team that, last night, handed Spain it's eigth defeat in 147 qualifying games for European Championships and World Cups. Now I have a laptop coming my way. And I've still to read about the game. If you love football then watch all of this match - it was absolutely sensational. I initially refused to pay Viaplay £14.99 but when I read that Scotland had scored after 6 minutes, I ran to the utility cupboard, grabbed two cans of beer, ran to the lounge with my mobile phone, purchased the game, and watched it from the very beginning. Such a great decision to have done so, let's hope buying this laptop proves to be a similarly good decision.
    hint's avatar
    This not going to beat Spain pal
's avatar