Posted 13 March 2023

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano Gen 1 Laptop - £862.98 + £3.49 delivery @ Ebuyer

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I don't think I saw this Gen1 ultrabook for that low, as Gen2 is now out. It seems like the first generation is discounted heavily, although I can't see it offered directly by Lenovo anymore.

It's got the 11th gen CPU, and I believe they came out in 2021.
This config has 16GB RAM and 13" 450 nits no touch screen, seems like a bargain.

The party trick here is less than 1 kg weight, and the not so nice is the lack of USB-A or HDMI ports if you need those. You do get two Thunderbolt USB-C ports so a cheap hub/dongle will be useful.
From experience, the X1 series has the very good built quality and at under a kg it is light, very light..

2.12% cashback from TCB.
Ebuyer More details at Ebuyer
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Intel Core i5-1130G7 1.8GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD M.2, 13" 2K (2160x1350) IPS, Intel Iris Xe, Windows 11 DG Windows 10 Pro 64
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    Intel Core i5-1130G7 1.8GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD M.2, 13" 2K (2160x1350) IPS, Intel Iris Xe, Windows 11 DG Windows 10 Pro 64

    very underpowered CPU imho and only 256GB SSD (a real shame at this price)

    no deal here imho

    crazy high price for a 2 gen old laptop that was underpowered when it was released (edited)
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    This is quite expensive for the specs vs the price. If you wait you'd get a better deal.
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    You won’t get a better deal than this new X1 Nano. It’s a premium top of the line business laptop so can’t really compare with run of the mill consumer laptop.
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    Also, I noticed Ebuyer let customers trade in directly with Lenovo against this model; cashback is 20% against this model, so it is effectively vat free at around £692 + they plant a tree against your trade-in.
    It might work out cheaper if you have a suitable model for trading in.


    The T&C details what you can trade-in.
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    To be eligible to participate in the Promotion you must be a business operating and registered in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or Republic of Ireland, or a Lenovo employee located within the UK ("Participant"). Educational institutions (schools and universities) are not eligible to participate in the Promotion.

    That’s most people ruled out. (edited)
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    Seems like a good deal but 13" is way too small for me. I think 14" would be the lowest i would go, but ideally a 15"/16".
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    I think this is more of a proper size for a laptop
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    No point comparing the specs on this to any other brand. Thinkpads are far above the rest in build quality and their durability
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    used to be... before 2020

    they have really nosedived and are cheap, plasticky, and flexy with little to no warranty support
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    Same model seems to be double the price on other stores
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