Lenovo Thinkpad x100e £241 + £30 cashback @ IT247.com

Lenovo Thinkpad x100e £241 + £30 cashback @ IT247.com

Found 27th Sep 2010
I am in the market for a good quality netbook and came across this. Appreciate it is running XP and only has a 160g hard drive but otherwise seemed reasonable, especially if purchased before 30 Sept making you eligible for £30 cashback.

Spec seems much better than other £215 netbooks.

As an alternative they also have open box Dell 11Z insprions which look like good value albeit have 3 cell batteries but 500gb hard drive and 2gb RAM for £260.

Struggling to post a pic from my work laptop...


I just ordered one of these last night. They're not perfect and the HP311c may be the better choice for battery and graphics, but the build quality is supposedly very good and performance is better than the N270 when you upgrade the bios to the most recent one.

Plus, I think it looks a little snazzier.

thinkpad quality for £215, excellent deal! hot!

Nice find. Voted hot. Hard to find a better netbook for the price.

This will easily handle HD video. Shame it doesn't have HDMI though.

I have the ThinkPad Edge 13 which is excellent.

Hmmm - might have gone for this but this gets very hot 49c. ...

There is a very comprehensive review HERE
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They had 4 when this was posted - all gone now......

Arrived tonight. Not had time to test it. Box looks good though!
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