Lenovo V110 Laptop (Core i5-7200U, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 15.6” HD screen, DVD writer) - £369.99 @ eBuyer

Lenovo V110 Laptop (Core i5-7200U, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 15.6” HD screen, DVD writer) - £369.99 @ eBuyer

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Found 1st Nov 2017
Laptop available for preorder with estimated delivery on 9 November.

Note that the spec states that the 4GB RAM is soldered and that the system supports up to 16GB so you should be able to upgrade it if you like.
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anyone reccomend?
Nope, save your money. Small HDD, expensive ram upgrade but the clincher for me... Terrible screen.. All IMHO lol
I’ve had about 5 of these for jobs, (same model but i3 processor). for the price a lot better than expected, solid touchpad and pretty decent overall build quality
I got one for a relative, comes with little preinstalled junk, performance is very good for day to day tasks, fast boot and shutdown, ram and hard drive are fine for those that email, web, word, excel etc.
Terrible mono speaker on underside, only 2 USB ports (not uncommon) and what will kill the deal for many is the resolution and any minute now we should be seeing a whole load of cold voting hatred because of the screen resolution.

heat from me as I've had one and think it's fine.
I would expect a compatible 4GB RAM module to be under £50. For instance, Crucial have one for £41.99. That’s hardly breaking the bank.
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The killer is the rubbish screen.
For the price it will be hard to find another with such processor and ssd

Ordered for relative for browsing news and youtube
Poor screen and these dual core processors will soon be dated (new chips are quad core).
Edited by: "Gormond" 2nd Nov 2017
Too much bulk plastic would only buy an aluminium laptop
The killer for me is the horrific speaker it's worst I have ever heard
Edited by: "garrafk" 2nd Nov 2017
Good specs for money but be warned the speakers are rubbish! Read the reviews! Even full limit they are so quiet & tinny. No I'm not deaf & neither is the 16yr old who viewed it!
Shared graphics... no thanks!

Anone complaining about sound, Id rather be able to use the computer without waiting for it than listening to music - when it eventualy decides to load up.

Please show me a better deal +/- 10% the price now. Must have ssd.
Don't get me wrong you are right this is good spec for the money but I personally can't buy, as spending 10p less on the build and putting in crap speakers is silly
Edited by: "garrafk" 2nd Nov 2017
Hideous screen resolution.

A 1366 x 768 fuzzy TN panel on a 15.6" should be against the law in 2017.
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