Lenovo z51 i7-5550u dedicated graphics laptop full HD £539.00 @ Amazon

Lenovo z51 i7-5550u dedicated graphics laptop full HD £539.00 @ Amazon

Found 20th Sep 2015
I7 laptop with good dedicated graphics and 1tb hd from a trusted seller

Not a bad deal

Specs of 1920 x 1080 on John Lewis where it is £699
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Same price in Currys after 10% cashback.
They are different laptops. This has an i7 5550u not an i7 5500u
Looks quite good for the price with full hd screen and dedicated card, would have to pay 700+ for anything better usually.
5500 not the best i7 out there. I held out for the 4710 which is far better but not much more money.

The GPU is truly awful and as its a recent release shoul dbe far far better then this. Sry man gotta vote cold, to much for the spec
GPU is probably similar to a Geforce 825M/Geforce 920M, with an i7, HD screen, 8GB RAM..

It's certainly not an outstanding deal, but it's certainly not cold either... voted hot to try and even out the numbers X)
In fact, those of you who said there are better laptops for the money, please send me the links, I'm looking for a cracking deal...
As I said in above post this is the i75550u not i75500u. This is not the same laptop as the one in currys so you cannot compare.

On top of that it has dedicated graphics whereas the one in currys for the same price doesn't. Similar to the current £549 john lewis deal on here which is hot, difference being this has dedicated graphics but not the JL 3 year warranty. More expensive than the Asus £499 deals but this combines Full HD, better graphics and slightly better processor whereas those don't combine all 3.
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