Lenspen Mini-Pro II 3-Pack £ 10.94 delivered + 2% Quidco

Lenspen Mini-Pro II 3-Pack £ 10.94 delivered + 2% Quidco

Found 2nd Jul 2007

Just spotted this deal on a 3-pack of Lenspens. These very useful tools for cleaning camera lenses. They have a special dry carbon powder to clean lenses, removing grease and fingerprints while not damaging lens coatings. The other end of the pen is an ultra-soft crush. A quick google search reveals that they come highly reccommended by many photography resources and review sites.
The cheapest I could find them on e-bay was >£5 a piece delivered , so this is a good deal if you plan on using them a lot, if you know fellow photographers or to give them out as gifts.


bump on this one! now they are selling at £7.98 for 3 - works out less than £3 each!

i dont know why this is getting a snub. this is a really good investment. you spend a couple of hundreds of pounds for your camera/lens it makes sense spendin a couple of pounds taking care of them. want to add more heat but i dont know how.

Its not £7.98, it's £11.93 with p+p
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