Leprechaun £3.00 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Leprechaun £3.00 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Found 23rd Apr 2010
Terror 2" tall

A horrific Leprechaun (Warwick Davis: Willow, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) goes on a killing rampage after his bag of gold is stolen, using magical powers to trick, terrorise and kill those that hinder his search, including Tory (Jennifer Aniston: Friends), who tries to find a way to kill the Irish monster.


Featuring Jennifer Aniston's original nose.

Hahaha this made me laugh a lot this morning, can't believe a film like this even exists =P

We have Leprechaun in the hood on dvd.:-D Don't know if it's a sequel to this one. Not watched it yet-only bought it coz the title amused us so much!:roll:

God - I got the original of this on VHS! Watch out for the "special effects", this a proper tacky film - but aint they the best kind??

Terror 2" tall

2 inches tall? Funny film btw, Warwicks a legend.
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