Lethal Weapon 1-4 Box Set Blu-ray £10.00 @ Sainsburys Entertainment

Lethal Weapon 1-4 Box Set Blu-ray £10.00 @ Sainsburys Entertainment

Found 27th Feb 2013
Four features. In 'Lethal Weapon' two tough Los Angeles cops, one who carries a lethal weapon (Glover) and the other who is one (Gibson), are teamed as partners in a highly unusual case involving a massive international ring which has its roots in Vietnam - a place they are both all too familiar with. This film, with its fresh, energetic combination of comedy, drama and action, has managed to spurn three highly successful sequels. Includes Lethal Weapon 2, 3 and 4.


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Yes thats instore, this is online .

I have all these on vhs somwhere, time for an upgrade.


Yes thats instore, this is online .

Nothing like a bit of extra Spam.

I'm too old for this

been this price for ages...

Also instore.

picked this up instore a while back. excellent set and remastered versions compared to the individual releases. £10 for a four film action boxset should be a no brainer

got this at Xmas, my first deal listed. a little heat.

Any fil with Mel Gibson in, is a NO from me!

Heat added!! Also looking for die hard quadrilogy on blu ray for a good price if anyone has any info!!


Awesome, any film before Mel Gibson "lost it" is worth picking up.

Ordered! not seen these films in years

Cheers ordered and another quid off for staff discount

Boo...out of stock now

Def out of stock now dame.

Missed it!! I would have had this!

Damn it, missed this

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Back in stock again .

Fabulous! Got it this time :-)

Way-hey! Me too! Thanks for checking it was back in stock and sharing


I have all these on vhs somwhere, time for an upgrade.

VHS eh?

OOS at 19:17 05.03.13

Amazon have this for £11.99, got mine the other day.

For Die Hard Sainsburys in store on blu ray £22.00

OOS, prob back in again soon

As many times as he said "im too old for this 'stuff'".. he just made another movie, and did more 'stuff' .. And lucky for us!

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This is in stock again .

Just ordered. Thanks OP.
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