Lethal Weapon 4 DVD - £2.49 @ Softuk

Lethal Weapon 4 DVD - £2.49 @ Softuk


Lethal Weapon 4 is cut to shreds in its UK form. Here's a cut list by a friend of mine, Gav Salkeld

· During the rumble on the boat near the beginning of the film, the sound of all the impact sounds have been reduced in volume
· When the first man is crushed to death by the train on the railway line, the last shot of him right before impact as he raises his hands in the air has been cut
· The rooftop fight is missing Wah Sing Ku (Jet Li) twisting and snapping Boat Man’s hand, just before he punches him in the face
· Just after Ku kicks Boat Man in the face, Ku should stamp on his hand, put his fingers in the guy’s mouth and knee him in the face but this is all cut from the UK prints
· A close-up of the wire tightening around Boat Man’s neck is missing
· The following side shot of the wire tightening is also missing
· The proceeding shot with Boat Man clawing at the wire is cut
· The start of the tilt-up shot to Ku is missing, so we do not get to see Boat Man struggling
· The second close-up of Boat Man’s neck is also missing, where we see the wire getting tighter
· The side shot of Boat Man struggling more is also cut, where we clearly see his anguished face
· The score in this scene has also been increased in volume, probably to hide the sounds of choking and struggling
· All the sound effects in the above sequence are reduced in volume
· The fight in Murtaugh’s house is probably the most heavily-cut scene in the film. To begin with, just after Murtaugh asks, “What did you do with the Hongs?” Wah Sing Ku and a moustached man exchange glances. A close-up of the moustached man flipping a butterfly knife has been deleted
· Right after this, the brief shot of him holding the knife against Lorna’s (Rene Russo’s) pregnant belly is also cut from the UK version
· After Lorna stamps on the man’s foot, a shot of her twisting the moustached man’s arm out of the way and her lifting her elbow in the air has been deleted
· The elbow she then delivers to his face is toned down in volume
· Seconds later, a backward headbutt delivered by Riggs has been cut
· Murtaugh (Danny Glover) elbowing one of the bad guys has been cut, as well as the man returning the blow
· Shortly after, Lorna’s karate block has been removed
· Two elbows to the face from Lorna to the moustached man have been deleted
· The one remaining elbow has had the sound effect reduced
· After she throws him down, the kick to his face she delivers has been cut
· When Wah Sing Ku jumps down to Riggs, a shot of Ku smacking Riggs twice has been deleted, originally seen from over Gibson’s shoulder
· Ku hitting Riggs against the kitchen window is deleted from the UK prints
· During the stand-off that follows, Ku then kicks both Murtaugh and Riggs in the face. The sound effects have been reduced in the UK version, and six frames either side of a cut showing Ku’s foot making contact with Riggs’ face have been removed
· In the above fight sequence, all of the remaining impact sounds have been heavily reduced in volume
· As Lorna begins to open the kitchen door, Ku kicks her in the face. The frames showing his foot making contact with her face and her head recoiling have been deleted (13 frames in all)
· The house fire scene is missing two separate shots of Riggs and Murtaugh struggling on the floor respectively
· A tracking shot across the sobbing, screaming faces of the women in the burning house is missing
· Outside of the house, a medium-long shot of the house burning is strangely missing
· Another close-up of Murtaugh bound and struggling on the floor is missing
· A shot of flames burning in the doorway of the house is mysteriously cut
· The second tracking shot across the faces of the terrified women over to Riggs and Murtaugh on the floor is cut
· Another single shot of Murtaugh struggling is cut
· The screams in the above scene have been reduced in volume
· On the highway after Riggs pulls the guy through the window and onto the truck, he immediately headbutts him. This is cut from all of the UK prints
· The shot of Riggs kneeing him in the face right after he throws him into the cupboards is missing
· The second kick to Riggs’ face which sends him flying backwards over a table has been cut in the UK version
· As Riggs has the man pressed against the plastic walls, he headbutts him again. However, this has been removed from the UK prints
· All of the sound effects have been reduced in this sequence
· After the man Riggs was fighting falls onto the road, the graphic shots of his body being hit and mangled by a bus have been cut so we no longer see what happens to him. Even if you watch the cut version and don’t know the film’s censorship history, this cut is very obvious
· Later on in the movie, when Ku grabs Hong by the throat, the sight and sound of Ku snapping his neck has been cut. In the cut version, this simply looks stupid, as it suggests that the mere act of him grabbing Hong by the neck kills him
· After Riggs and Lorna narrowly escape being crushed by the train, the man in the car behind is not so lucky. A brief close-up of his face looking on in terror before the train hits is missing from the UK version
· A brief whip pan to the same man’s terrified face is missing just after, lasting five frames

· As the gunfight in the warehouse breaks out, a couple of shots of two of the Four Fathers being shot in the head have been removed. One is shot in the temple, and his blood sprays onto the man standing next to him. This second man is then shot in the forehead. In the UK version, we now never know what happens to the Four Fathers. We simply hear the gunshots off-screen as cut to the police ducking away and drawing their guns
· After the short fight where Wah Sing Ku overcomes the men with an AK-47, he wraps his leg around a man’s neck, bringing him to the floor. What we don’t see in the UK version is him breaking his neck in a scissor hold on the floor

· In the final showdown, there is a lot missing thanks to the BBFC. To begin with, every single sound effect has either been reduced in volume
· Ku’s first heavy kick to Murtaugh is missing, along with a shot of the latter buckling over
· As Murtaugh and Ku lie on the floor, Ku repeatedly kicking Murtaugh in the face as he tries to get up is missing
· Shortly after, Ku snapping Murtaugh’s arm at the shoulder is cut, just before he is throw into the glass window
· After Ku throws Riggs into one of the wooden columns, we should see then see Ku dislocating Riggs’ right arm with a snap, before repeatedly smacking him in the dislocated arm itself. The initial crunch is missing from the UK version
· Seconds later, Riggs’ then headbutts Ku three times in a row, which has been reduced to just one in the UK version
· As Ku and Riggs get into a final struggle, an over-shoulder shot from behind Ku of Riggs choking is missing
· Riggs gouging Ku’s eye in one shot has been deleted
· Another over-shoulder of Riggs choking is missing
· A further two shots of Ku’s eye being gouged by Riggs is missing
· Another two over-shoulder shots of Riggs choking have been cut after this
· When Murtaugh thrusts the steel pole into Ku, an over-shoulder shot of Murtagh ramming the pole into Ku is missing
· The back shot of the pole sticking out of his back and the wound spraying blood has been removed
· A medium shot of Ku just after being impaled as Murtagh holds the spike has been cut from the UK version
· A close-up of Ku’s agonised face is missing
· A shot of Murtaugh pushing the pole further into Ku is missing, along with a tilt up to Ku’s face
· Yet another shot of Murtaugh pushing the pole into Ku is missing
· When Riggs grabs the pole, a gruelling collection of shots showing Riggs spinning Ku round and driving it further into his body with a crack have all been cut, as well as shots of Riggs holding Ku in the air as he screams in pain. In the UK version, Ku is simply lifted up and the ground beneath him gives way immediately
· As Ku is shot with the AK-47 by Riggs, a close-up shot of the gun firing underwater surrounded by bubbles has been cut, followed by a close-up of Ku’s back as the exit wounds appear with bloody results
· In addition to all of the above, all the sound effects of blows and kicks in every fight sequence have been reduced in volume

I wonder how many other UK releases are ruined by censorship. I wondered why I found the DVD release boring all those years ago. :?
This has to go cold cause it cant be classed as Lethal Weapon 4 with so much footage missing and muted. What a cheek adding deleted scenes as extras.

Many 90s action films are cut, mostly because the distributors are too lazy to release them intact despite the BBFC being much more lenient these days.
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