Lethal Weapon Collection (Boxset 4 Discs) - only £7.97

Lethal Weapon Collection (Boxset 4 Discs) - only £7.97

Found 6th Jul 2006
Excellent price on this set - if you like the Lethal Weapon movies. Well, my mum does - she ABSOLUTELY and UNEQUIVOCALLY loves Mel Gibson! Just to let you know, the cheapest I can find elsewhere for this item is £13.49 @ play.com, so this is a bargain to be had! Here, this works out at less than £2 per movie!

Details: All four Lethal Weapon films, presented in a boxed set. Lethal Weapon - Family-man cop Murtaugh teams with edgy, Vietnam-vet Riggs, to whom life is of little consequence since his wife's death. Together they go after a drug syndicate run by ex CIA thugs, finding that their differing natures mesh to make a particularly effective fighting team. Lethal Weapon 2 - Riggs and Murtaugh team up again, this time to root out a drug baron hiding behind the shield of diplomatic immunity in a South African Embassy. Lethal Weapon 3 - The action is as frantic as ever. This time Murtaugh (Glover) has three days to go until his retirement... but a host of villains are determined he won't reach that date. Lethal Weapon 4 - The fourth instalment finds time the guys in deadly combat with an Asian Triad gang headed by the fiercely disciplined Jet Li after a string of crimes involving immigrant smuggling.

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