Let's Cook Frosted Drinks Maker was £16.99, then £8.99 & now £6.99 @ Argos

Let's Cook Frosted Drinks Maker was £16.99, then £8.99 & now £6.99 @ Argos

Found 8th Aug 2013
Checked stock levels & all postcodes checked had stock in or nearby. Good reviews,
A great gift for children to entertain their friends with. This fun and easy to use machine makes delicious icy drinks. Add syrups or juices for your favourite flavours! Brrrr-illiant!

Simply fill with ice, grind then add your favourite syrups or juices for delicious icy drinks.
Serve in the 3 Let's Cook cups included.
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Reserved! Daughters always wanted one as did I as a kid lol
No stock nearby , shame my daughter wants this regardless of crap reviews
Shame we didn't see this sooner when it was really hot (_;) ordered cheers.
I brought this at 8.99 but even better deal now. Kids love it
I remember my old Mr Frosty as a child. Hot!
got one at full price but when it was 3 for 2 on all toys before last xmas. it is hopeless at shredding ice, and needed an adult and lots of patience to fill a cup, but works a treat if you freeze fruit juice as is much softer when frozen. would recommend for this price
Reserved thanks
Just reserved the last one in Bury...thanks for the post :-)
OOS all over north east
no stock anywhere round here
Thanks just got one.
Reserved for daughter, Thanks
thanks just reserved x
in stock nearby, reserved. cheers
The reviews put me off although there are several in stock locally (Sheffield).
Instead of using ice, you can try making Taiwanese "snow ice" and shaving that. It comes out in a ribbon and is soft and creamy and easy to shave in a plastic shaver.

You need to mix skim milk powder, water and sugar together to make what is effectively a milky ice block. You should also add some form of stabiliser (like xanthan, guar, agar or even gelatine) to prevent it separating and to limit the formation of ice-crystals. The ice-cream industry uses CMC but that is harder to get. I used to make this when I tried to start a business and shaved it using one of these:


Very difficult to make snow ice in large quantities (the freezing takes a long time so separation commonly occurs) though smaller blocks are generally quite successful.
Damn none left in my area
Thanks, reserved one.
see if there is any stock around me perfect for a little extra birthday/christmas present ... just a little something extra x
Great managed to get reserve last one within a 20mile radius - lets get the crimbo stocking fillers started x x
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