Lets Tap Bundle Pack (Wii) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV
Lets Tap Bundle Pack (Wii) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Lets Tap Bundle Pack (Wii) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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Bundle Pack - Contains: Let's Tap Game and 2 Tap Boxes Let's Tap is a completely innovative gaming experience on the Wii with easy pick-up-and-play controls that will appeal to gamers of all ages. Players simply place the Wii Remote on a box or a flat surface and tap!

All methods of tapping (light, medium, hard) will render a variety of unique results within each game mode, allowing players to jump hurdles, create a dazzling fireworks display and more. There are five fun-filled game modes that can be played with up to four friends: Tap Runner, Silent Blocks, Rhythm Tap, Bubble Voyager and Visualiser.

Game Features

Tap Runner (1-4 players): Sprint for the finish line in over 16 courses while avoiding obstacles including hurdles, ice walls and electric fields.

Rhythm Tap (1-4 players): There are over 16 songs to master in Rhythm Tap. Tap the beat in sync with the on-screen tap indicators.

Silent Blocks (1-4 players): There are three game modes in total where you must use light and hard taps to strategically remove blocks one at a time from the middle of a stack. If you knock the stack down, the game is over.

Bubble Voyager (1-4 players): Clad in a space suit, tap to keep your character afloat through many levels filled with dangerous objects - a double tap will launch a missile. In multiplayer matches, shoot each other a number of times to win.

Visualizer (1 player): Tapping with light, medium and hard strokes produces on-screen effects in various unique stages ranging from a fireworks display to undersea bubbles. In special tap sequences, various sea animals will appear.


Grrrrrrr, just bought this for £14.99 from play:x

Thanx just ordered. Seen this for £25 in gamestation last week and nearly bought it. Glad I didn't now:)


Grrrrrrr, just bought this for £14.99 from play:x

Any good?

Thanks, just ordered one

quite good fun actually, very innovative, bargain @ 9.99

Haven't played on the Wii in ages. will this be a game to make me start playing it again?

Seems like it would be good fun at Xmas.

Do you tap with your fingers or feet ? :?

does it need to be wii motion remote or standard do?

standard remote.

you just put the remote on a box (or on the ones included in this pack) and tap the box, not the remote.

it's quite a quirky little game, it must be said, and i'd say it's definitely worth a tenner, especially as it saves you having to rummage out a couple of boxes to use

ordered - thanks

Wickeeeeeed game! must have for your wii and i have sh`t loads of games! hardly play alot, this one is a good fun family game! buy buy buy!

just ordered thank you

I love this game, so much fun if you have 4 people playing. It works best if you put your wiimote in the jackets (if you have them) as it stops the remote from bouncing off the box.

Bargain at a tenner!!

Nice one ordered for the little un's (and us!) for xmas fun!

Don't forget your 3% quiddy! Heated!

Slightly odd, says in stock 24hr, but on order confirmation back in stock in 7 days??! Not a big deal as it's for xmas just a mental note for those that have ordered before you complain about how long it's taking to arrive.

just ordered for my daughters xmas pressie, great find, cheap gift well all play,xx

Thanks, just ordered this

Bought, thank you.

Really good game, brought it from play.com for £12.50 as part of the 2 for £25 and it's just excellent entertainment well recommended!

Looks dull

This is still availible, was struggling for an xmas pressy for my nephew and saw this, its perfect!! thanks op!!

Received this today but it looks like a foreign version. Spoken language is English, but all text is in German! Anyone else experienced this? I presaume having text in a language you can't understand makes the game unusable?

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