Levellers: Green Blade Rising [Digipack] [Enhanced] [Limited Edition] - £[email protected] (free delivery)
Levellers: Green Blade Rising [Digipack] [Enhanced] [Limited Edition] - £2.46@Amazon (free delivery)

Levellers: Green Blade Rising [Digipack] [Enhanced] [Limited Edition] - £[email protected] (free delivery)

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This appears to be the more expensive digipak version of the album (which contains a bonus video). With the best price for the bog standard no-frills edition weighing in at £5.89 then at £2.46 this appears a tidy little deal.

BTW, the RRP for this enhanced edition is apparently £15.99.

The Levellers' seventh studio album, Green Blade Rising--after the various fascinations with Cuba and day-to-day domesticity that marked a slight but welcome deviation from the agenda on the last and often unfairly overlooked album Hello Pig--finds the principled, fiddle-riddled Brighton combo returning to graze on the more fertile folk-stomp pastures of yore, albeit with the gusting rebelliousness, the politics and the cynicism a little more softened around the edges. Maybe it's because the world is now a better place? Or maybe because the wave of anti-globalisation protests mean the Levellers no longer need to shout to be heard?

Whatever the reason, on Green Blade Rising, the Levellers are doing not only what they're best known (or hated) for but--at times--doing what they're best known (or hated) for at their very best. There are perfunctory moments of predictability--the chorus of "Aspects of Spirit" has the slight odour of Aussie protest-rockers Midnight Oil, while the earnest and pleasant "Believers" is akin to latter-day Fairport Convention for fireside soup suppers--but a decent yield of Levellers' belters, among them the all-nations-can-love-one-another-if-we-try exaltations of "Come On" and the fatalistic portent of "Four Winds", are cause for great cheer. Even better, the pop nous of "Pretty Target"--every bit as much a melodic gem as "What a Beautiful Day"--ought to put the Levellers smack bang back in the charts, that is, if such an eventuality hasn't already been outlawed by a hitherto unnoticed clause of the Criminal Justice Act.


Shows at £12.99 for me


Shows at £12.99 for me


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