Leverage Season 1 DVD at Zavvi for £15.31 + walkers

Leverage Season 1 DVD at Zavvi for £15.31 + walkers

Found 1st Nov 2010
This is the cheapest I could find it around.
It's not a show that literally anyone I know watches, but it's a great show! Very much worth watching, and definitely worth the price.
It's kind of like an American version of Hustle, but not quite. Very entertaining, and worth looking into
Season 2's out on DVD in this country in January

"Oscar winning actor Timothy Hutton stars in this darkly comic drama about a group of criminals who have a thoroughly modern take on the concept of social justice. Led by Nate Ford (Hutton), who has experience as an insurance investigator, the team extort money from targets who really deserve it - people who have harmed others themselves. But robbing the innocent is a very different thing from robbing the guilty in the minds of these warped Robin Hoods, and with a team comprised of a mastermind, a cat burglar, a con-woman, a hacker, and a veteran thief, they're prepared to exert their moral philosophy on the cretins of the world - and make a good living while they do it."


good show bit like the hustle and the blonde is strangly fit

Love this show.... feel some heat!

Don't forget walkers voucher and Quidco.

Season 1 is a bit poor IMHO... a bit like a poor man's Hustle.

Perhaps they got different writers for Season 2 though, as this possessed the original well crafted scenarios that Season 1 was so desperately lacking.
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