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Levis leather trucker jacket on sale for £144 instore @ Levi's Covent Garden
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Just see this jacket on sale at Levi Covent Garden store for 144, asos are doing it cheaper but they are out of stock. Sorry l can seem to add a image from my mobile.
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the most ugly thing i have seen this year, looks like Pulp Fiction' mr Z accessory


Hey,Happy Days


it's in store


Showing £192 for me.


Comes with a free Yorkie bar :D

Levi 502 Cold Air Balloon Jeans £51 | £40 w / Unidays @ Levi
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Very good price for these jeans if you have a unidays account to take a further 20% off bringing them down to £40.80 or £51 without a code Colour: Cold Air Balloon

2 pairs of jeans for £75 for me. Cheers op


I love a blokes legs in Levis :p


Get this deal? Willy Fog!


You are so full of hot air.


Cold air balloon. These will never take off.

Lewis Hi-Ball Roll Stripe Jeans - £42.50 @ Lewis- free delivery for £49 spend
Found 18th Dec 2018Found 18th Dec 2018
Upto 50% off. Free shipping on orders over £49. Free returns More examples https://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/clothingv/men/down-puffer-parka-coat/p/565850000



There you go from both angles


(lol) (lol) (lol)


I think I need to see a picture of how they fit around the bum to be convinced.


These need to be a thing!

Levi's Sale - Up to 50% off selected items (£3.99 postage / C&C)
Refreshed 2nd JanRefreshed 2nd Jan
Also stacks with 20% student discount through unidays Free shipping on orders over £49.99 https://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/c/levi_men_sale_north?ab=A1_EOSS_HP_shop_men_1218 htt… Read more
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Their jeans may be overrated but their coats are excellent. I bought a parka from Levi's in 2014 which is still going strong. I went to Bluewater the other day and tried on essentially the replacement coat for the one I bought and it fits so well. I'm 6'6" and have a V shape figure and a large was perfect. North Face coats seem to be designed for people with a minimum 50" waist (lol)


I've been wearing Levis since I was a teen in the 80s..I still buy Levis and find them comfortable and long lasting...Recently I purchased some Hugo Boss jeans for almost 3x the price of Levis and they wripped after a few months!! For me Levis all the way if you spend less than £40 a jean


I like Levi jeans but you can buy them way cheaper from 3rd party websites.


The reason we pay so much is due to the trade agreement the EU has with the US. This will happen to most things if we have a no deal brexit as we will simply fall on WTO trade agreement prices. You should not compare prices with the US for this simple reason.


Drianpipe jeans on a man looks terrible. Bring back proper jeans.

Levi SALE. 30% off. Levi’s® X Justin Timberlake Sherpa Trucker Jacket now £80.50
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Designed in collaboration with Justin Timberlake, this Sherpa Trucker Jacket features our signature design from 1967, a plaid sherpa lining throughout the middle and quilted arms f… Read more

And pattern... In fact, lets be honest - it's a different jacket. I picked one up using VCEARLY for 30%, also managed to find the longer sherpa jacket at Next (which is sold out everywhere) so on the whole i'm happy...


And colour (lol)


Sure I know, a different name. (annoyed)


That's a different jacket.


Was a lot cheaper elsewhere that jacket.

Levis UK Cyber Monday Sale- 30% off everything.
Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018
I was just browsing on the site and saw that they had put up details for their Indigo Friday sale. Technically it starts on the 21st but worked for me before midnight. Also free sh… Read more

It says "Coupon not valid"


not working.


Just had a quick look at 527™ Slim Boot Cut Jeans £59.50 same jeans at another online retailer £48.00 Jeans Who knows.......Think il sit on the fence for this one.


jeans which i bought for £35 from nike online is showing as £59 after discount. still not the best bargain I think.


It's all good info for me Primark don't do tall jeans - Levis do.

Levi's up to 50 % off + 10 % off & free delivery with newsletter sign up
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
Mid season sale at Levi's. Get unique discount code via email when signing up for newsletter : levi.com/GB/en_GB/login (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

Not quite sure why this is tagged as sim only :/


I've been using budget jeans for a few years. Tried some Wrangler jeans and was really surprised at how much better they were. I'd forgotten just how much nicer the quality jeans feel.


Not sure £10 jeans would compare to Levi’s in fairness


You really can't compare Primark to Levi's :)


I went into town this morning and bought some M&S jeans for £15 then went into Debenhams and their Levi 501s were on offer at £85 then take 20%off. WTF no wonder these big stores are going bust Primani jeans are £10. L know this is slightly off topic but why are some people such mugs.

Levi Jeans Classic straight-fit jeans 50% off £35 (£3.99 delivery) @ Levi's
Found 2nd Sep 2018Found 2nd Sep 2018
Levi Jeans Classic straight-fit jeans 50% off £35 (£3.99 delivery) @ Levi's
Classic straight-fit jeans ideal for medium to athletic builds, Levi's® 514™ Straight Fit Jeans are versatile and comfortable. They sit low on the waist with a regular fit through … Read more
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Use code CLARKSON for 0% off


I don't mind paying for branded clothing if you can feel the quality difference. With the jeans I usually buy ( 2 pairs for £20) and branded jeans I have yet to find / wear a branded pair where I feel the quality difference and make me :D for the superior quality feel


I've just signed up for their emails and got a 10% of code plus free shipping,thanks op


These had an extra 20% off last week.

Levis Sale Kids T-shirts from £7.50 free delivery and 10% off
Found 29th Aug 2018Found 29th Aug 2018
Levis Sale Kids T-shirts from £7.50 free delivery and 10% off
£7.50£1550%Levi's Deals
Lots of ages available Girls sale here Boys sale here Sign up for 10% off and Free delivery.

They're all full price for me??


I don't like kids wearing blatant Adverts for brands. Kind of sets them up with a sad and materialistic set of values. Just my opinion. My 21 year old buys blatant brands but he is old enough to make his own mind up. Hopefully he will grow out of it.


Alright mister sensitive. I'm a brand wearer myself but can't stand being an advert for them. Some big brands make really nice t-shirts but are ruined with there big bright names on it!! And levis is actually used as a name unlike most brand's is why I said it!! (highfive)


Well the same goes for Adidas Nike, gap, Versace etc. Pointless comment


If your kids called levis then most of these are worth it.....otherwise nah

Levi's sale upto 50% off selected items
Found 21st Jun 2018Found 21st Jun 2018
Levi's sale upto 50% off selected items
Levi's end of season sale is on. Upto 50% of selected items including 501 and 511.

Yes they do for items returned within 28days. (y)


Do they offer a refund or just credit?


Extra 20% off if you've got Unidays

Levi T-shirts 2 for £40 plus codestack + 20% off code = £32 delivered
Found 9th May 2018Found 9th May 2018
Levi T-shirts 2 for £40 plus codestack + 20% off code = £32 delivered
£32£5036%Levi's Deals
Levis have a deal on with 2 selected shirts for £40. The shirts seem to be priced around 35 quid each so it's an ok deal to begin with but it has allowed me to add a unidays code g… Read more

Sort from High to low and there's some Long Sleeve T's for £50 each that are in the offer.


Yep, thought it was shirts which would have been a bargain!


You might want to change the title to T-shirts rather than shirts as it will confuse alot of people. :)

Up to 40% off sale + Another 15% off with code @ Levi's
Found 3rd Apr 2018Found 3rd Apr 2018
Up to 40% off sale + Another 15% off with code @ Levi's
Decent sale, grab what you can before the best bits go OOS Use code 15OFF at basket for an extra 15% off all sale. If the 15% code doesn't work, use code 10SALE (10% off) … Read more
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Seems expired. Neither code works for me now.


Correct, I wasn't paying attention, using the 10% code removed the 15% one, but removed delivery charge, so the final price went down and I was too dumb to notice that it didn't go down enough. Oh well, at least it's free returns, I also ordered the wrong size, I can't even blame the gin, I was this stupid all on my own!


You can only use one code at a time on the Levi’s site


It wouldn't let me use the 10% as well


They look terrible compared to 501s or 514s. If you want good quality jeans but don't care about the style maybe they're OK. Personally I import my Levis from the US. I know what size I am and even with tax they cost less than sale price here.

Levi's jeans £5 INSTORE at Levi's East Midlands Designer outlet
LocalLocalFound 11th Feb 2018Found 11th Feb 2018
Levi's jeans £5 INSTORE at Levi's East Midlands Designer outlet
A selection of various Levi's jeans and shorts available Picked up a 512 slim taper and 511 slim for £5 each reduced from £80/£85 plus Levi's line 8 shorts for £4 (reduced from £50… Read more
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The material they use for jeans in the outlet stores are of inferior quality compared to regular stores. It was confirmed by a regional manager of Levis' stores who also happens to by my uncle. So when the man says they are fake, he probably means they are not "real Levis", but just cheap jeans with their logo put on and sold in outlet stores. You can also take a pair of the outlet jeans to a main store and compare them, especially stitching etc


i used to buy them in the 90`s and they were £50-£60 a pair then. They where thick and strongly sewn together. The stuff they make now is utter rubbish, thin cheaply sewn does not even look like cotton. sadly most clothes are poor quality now. no wonder i was selling my used ones for £30 on ebay. the only decentish stuff i have noticed is timberland stuff but still less quality than older clothes.


That's the thing isn't it. Levi's jeans are made in lots of different countries, including ultra cheap, verging on slave labour, Bangladesh. I think they're rather crap as they don't last me three years, and that's with not wearing them very often. I'm ashamed to admit though that I buy them for the "name". My daughter told me that she can't afford Levi's, until i pointed out to her that you can buy "second hand" ones on ebay for £20. I really don't believe they're second hand though, "seconds" maybe but they look as good as new.


and citroen


It's either "dear son" or "darling son". I would hazard a guess that it's origins are from www.mumsnet.com In a similar vein is DH for "dear husband" or "darling husband". Comparable with OH, "other half". I would be very happy to be corrected.

Levi's end of season sale up to 50% off + an extra 10% off AND Free shipping
Found 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
Levi's end of season sale up to 50% off + an extra 10% off AND Free shipping
Levi's end of season sale now on. selected items up to 50% off - I know its selected items but still some good bargains to be had before Christmas. Also if you click on main sit… Read more

You too can look this cool 8)


Were they?! There goes that idea then haha! Looks like it's Burton or possibly next as my only options. Oh and M&S.


If you fancy Levis, buy it in the US as it's half-price there. Just find someone who go and ask them to buy for you.


Topman trousers got a hole in them first time I washed them. And didn' get a receipt. Levis I picked up a pair from Zalando for about 30 pounds new awhile ago.. The quality is okay . I used to buy wrangler but when I went to lean over they ripped in pieces (fortunate I was inside at the time)


Cost to the factory alone, so everyone can compare like for like. Most are subcontracted. So unit cost per garment production. Eg Levi Jeans cost the factory £3. Other brand costs £2.50. If Levi's retail at £40 and Other brand £10 one can have a guide of value. One can decide if they view high office costs, promotion, endorsement worth while (what ever they are). I do not want to pay for endorsements. This would be a rough guide.

40% off on everything on Levi's through topcashback
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
40% off on everything on Levi's through topcashback
40%off on everything plus free shipping by using code INDIGO40 and 12% cash back though topcashback.
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It is only valid in the USA http://www.levi.com/US/en_US/promodetail/LVUS_INDIGO40CYBER40_40Off_112217_112717


Not sure what's wrong but "The promotional code you have entered is not valid."

48% Off Levis with code: LEVIS48OFF -  721 Jeans for £44 instead of £85.
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
48% Off Levis with code: LEVIS48OFF - 721 Jeans for £44 instead of £85.
Code: LEVIS48OFF Dates: 16 September 2017 – midnight 17th September 2017 Just got some 721 Jeans for £44 instead of £85.

This was my first post on HotUKDeals, I received the code from a friend who does marketing for the brand, but a few hours after receiving it she said that Levis decided to stop the promo so sorry that it didnt work for some of you! I received the products today and can confirm I only paid £88 as shown above in my order confirmation.


Error msg that i get: The promotional code you have entered is not valid.


Well it is the 16th now and code still doesn't work - definately a dud.


Fake you could at least tried to make it look real, you didn't even proof read what you put in the description it starts tomorrow and you somehow have managed to get this deal before everyone else. Living in the future?



Levis' 504 delivered for £34 at levi.com
Found 16th Aug 2017Found 16th Aug 2017
Levis' 504 delivered for £34 at levi.com
Having seen a pair of 504 jeans in the Levis store today for ridiculous price of £85 I tried the online website. They are having an end of season sale. Huge selction of various Men… Read more
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Levi's sale up to 50% off + extra 20% with code and free delivery!
Found 14th Aug 2017Found 14th Aug 2017
Levi's sale up to 50% off + extra 20% with code and free delivery!
Use code AUGUST20 to get an extra 20% off all sale items!
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I don't know if it's just me but every time I get a pair of Levi's from their website, they don't fit me as well as the ones I purchase from stores in the uk. Weird.


8th time of trying to pay through PayPal it worked.. or at least I've been charged. Error message comes up on website with items still in basket


Excellent. Just picked up a pair of Ink Storm 511's for myself for £47 plus another 20% off that. Decided to share the love and get each of the 3 boys a pair of 510s. All in all, bought a pair of 511s and three pairs of 510's all for £130. And these 511's are £95 alone out of the sales.


Exactly ! Have same thing .


Each of both

Levi's clearance sale - up to 50% off, plus extra 20% off
Found 5th Jul 2017Found 5th Jul 2017
Levi's clearance sale - up to 50% off, plus extra 20% off
Students save an extra 20% through unidays UPDATE: Everyone else gets 20% off + free shipping on their first order when signing up to their newsletter on the US site! (just use y… Read more
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could someone kindly pm me a unidays code please... thanks in advance! :)


You do not need a Unidays code. See my post #57 20% off and free delivery


Can someone PM me a Unidays code?


Please can someone with a kind heart pm me a unidays code? Thanks in advance :)


Could someone please pm me a unidays code? Thanks in advance