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Levi's Men's 501 Original Jeans £30 @ Amazon lots of sizes

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Classic Levi's Men's 501 Original Jeans for only £30 at Amazon. Try before you buy if you have Prime. I got size W32 L32, which is hardly ever in the cheap Levi's deals on Amazon!
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    It's no so much that they are fake, more that Levi's (and other jeans manufacturers) will some produce the same model at different price points for different markets. For example, if you want 501s in a poorer hotter country, you might get thinner material. I suspect what happens is that some of those jeans get diverted to other markets. (edited)
    I would agree, I purchased some awhile ago that came from Amazon Germany, and though fitted well and comfy, made from very thin material and didn't last that long.
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    Authentic Levi's almost always have the jean style number stamped onto the back of the top button, which then matches the care label. Fakes won't have this aspect and if they have a number stamped, they probably won't match the label. Quality of stitching is also a big indicator.
    Definitely the stitching
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    How do u know it’s original or fake?
    Doesn't have to be fake. But could still be substandard than bought from Levi's online store. Bought 514 one from MandMDirect and was much thinner material than bought from Levi's in same year - 2019.
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    Cracking colour name on the others
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    buying one , let’s see if this is genuine one this time
    From some of the reviews I think you could be playing a game of Russian Roulette. It's a discrace Amazon operate like this.
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    I find it funny people think that buying from Amazon means fake when the seller is Amazon themselves they have big contracts with direct manufacturer and brands
    Used to argue with my other half about this. She wouldn't buy certain things like vitamins as they might be fakes.. and I'm trying to explain, as it's Amazon, do you not think they buy directly from the manufacturer and not from a guy in a van?!
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    Avoid. Last pair I bought from Amazon disintegrated while I was in Tesco and I had to get my nephew to collect me from the toilets
    In fairness, if my arse was to drop out of my jeans anywhere I'd probably choose Tesco. Ideally close to the clothing section.
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    Would never but them off Amazon. Bought a pair before, just sitting in a drawer. Nothing like proper 501's. Cheap for a reason.
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    Thank you for this, King Campo. (I would never have spotted it!)

    I've ordered a pair, fingers crossed it's good quality (I see these are made in Turkey - though I don't know if that is any indication of quality, or weight of material), but if I'm not happy with them - they'll go straight back to Amazon!
    Exactly, I've got on try before you buy
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    all made in the same factory supposed original or fake, quality is same originalor fake so dont worry
    Quality ISN'T the same if fake compared to original!! Amazon have been peddling these low grade(fakes) for a while now and nearly everyone I know has found poor fitting and very thin compared to original
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    I got 2 pairs from Amazon sometime ago and the quality of the material is fine and still going strong, but I got them longer in length than needed because of the price and had them taken up, I then noticed that there was a really bad dye mark on the back of one leg on each pair which really stands out and I couldn’t return. Just an heads up if you go for the same idea. 
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    Based on previous purchase, it is a pass from me 
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    Don't see any sizes at £30. Lowest i see is around £46. with most pairs costing between £50 and £90

    Gotta love the people calling them fakes as they are so cheap , when in fact most pairs are around normal retail prices elsewhere
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    all I can see is £50+
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    All £50 plus 🥶
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    Ordered two pairs and one of them arrived today seems perfect to me ,
    although it’s not the really heavy material like they were years ago it’s still not as light as others I received in the past