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Posted 28 December 2022

Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper Jeans £22.80 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Lots of “normal” sizes available to order but not all in stock if you are happy to wait

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Our slimmest tapered jean.Similar to our bestselling 511 Slim, but made with a narrower leg. This jean sits below your waist and has a narrow fit through the seat and thigh.

  • Sits below waist
  • Slim through thigh

Details of a denim icon
Two Horse Pull LogoThe Two Horse Pull label sewn on the back of each pair of jeans, depicting two horses pulling a pair of jeans, celebrates the strength and quality of our riveted denim.

Zip FlyThe zip fly was created after the invention of the button fly, for a quicker and more practical way of securing your Levi's jeans.

Copper RivetsCopper studs help strengthen denim for longer lasting and durable jeans

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    We ordered 3 different sizes last time. Each pair were from India, Egypt and Poland. sizing colour even stitching differs. (edited)
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    32/30 is above £90.
  3. Avatar
    Only sizes are for people that don’t eat
    & ones that don’t cycle , so I’ve no chance  
  4. Avatar
    Nice… however I’d need to lose about 25 years to get in to these 😝
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    The quality of Levi’s are awful now. Even the 501s you have to buy the ‘vinatage’ edition to actually get 100% cotton/denim without the elastane in them and they are like £120+ (and the 501 cut isn’t very fashionable at the moment). I stopped wearing Levi years ago but thought I’d go into the Levi shop recently to see if the ones in their official store were any better and they were still terrible… very cheap material and thin, definitely not suitable for workwear. I guess for under £25 you can’t complain but then you may as well just buy any cheap pair of jeans.
  6. Avatar
    Sizes 29” and below.
  7. Avatar
    Great find. Thanks very much OP. Not sure what Levi's quality is like anymore, but can't really complain for a little over 20 quid..
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    This is cheap
  9. Avatar
    Great find. Ordered. Heat added thanks
  10. Avatar
    Nothing in my size but good find, heat.
  11. Avatar
    £20.52 for me. Heat!
  12. Avatar
    Cheap enough but what about the quality .?
  13. Avatar
    Giving it a go for £22.80
  14. Avatar
    £92 for my size
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    I've worn Levi's for probably 35 years. Of the ones I've ordered from Amazon at under £40, all of them have been fakes. Good fakes and perfectly serviceable (to the point I've ordered again, Levi's are workwear and shouldn't cost £120!) but fakes non the less. Tells are usually the waist button being cheaply printed and the paper badge being made of a different material.
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    My fat size £92
    Not even fat lol just a normal size at £92
  17. Avatar
    £107.24 for me.
    Sorry it's actually £93.62. bargain

    Good price if you fit those sizes
  18. Avatar
    32/30 £92 ☹️
    I'll stick with £18 one from Tesco
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    The deal only applies to people with 27" waist and smaller. Are there really people out there that slim?! :/
  20. Avatar
    27' waist is not 'normal size'.
  21. Avatar
    Sold out at that price?
  22. Avatar
    Sorry guys , looks like all the sizes went pretty sharpish - all were available at the time of posting.. i guess sometimes it pays to be browsing Hot UK deals at 01:30 in the morning!