Levis Sale upto 70% off
Levis Sale upto 70% off

Levis Sale upto 70% off

Hi all my first post so hope i get it right

jsut saw a Levis shopwith poster sayign 25% off sale

but i bought a 501 button fly straight leg pair of jeans reduced from £80 to £24. that is a 70% reduction.

the sale is on selcted items but it was pretty good bargain.

does not seem to be available online so INSTORE ONLY


which store?


They were actually "worth" £80?
A pair of jeans?
Convince me.

which store?

Original Poster

it was the Levi's Store in the mall near Canary Wharf

@pluun i did not use the word "worth" i said it was "reduced". "worth" is a subjective term so i dont need to convince anyone. ive given the prices its upto the individual to decide if its "worth" to him. to me a pair of Levi's jeans at £24 is worh it but it may not be so for another perosn jsut like i would pay £30 for a game whihc may not be worht anything to someone else or £200 on a graphics ward whihc is worhtless to business user.
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