Lexar 32gb Micro SD card 633x plus USB3 reader £9.99 @ Mobymemory

Lexar 32gb Micro SD card 633x plus USB3 reader £9.99 @ Mobymemory

Found 29th May 2016
Just bought one of these for a camera I am getting.

I already own a gopro hero 3+ Black but am getting an SJ7000 wifi for another use as it's irresistible at £32.

Anyway I use a transcend 64gb 300x speed card and a Sandisk ultra 64gb that I use in the gopro which have both proved to be excellent fast cards but the SJ cam only takes a maximum of 32gb cards (who knows I may find it will work on the 64gb cards when it arrives ...if so this will still find a use).

This Lexar is twice as fast again at speeds up to 95mbs/sec!

Although the cams will work on slow cards the speed makes a HUGE difference when dumping a days full of gopro filming in full res to your computer for editing/storage.

I have done speed tests on lots of cards I have owned and the above mentioned ones I already have perform great so this should be even faster.

It also comes with a nice USB3 adapter ...again if your PC has blue USB3 sockets it is pointless to put a fast card in a standrad USB2 card reader

Also Mobymemory seem to get good reviews and are a genuine UK shop...I have been stung a couple of times getting Fake cards from ebay and amazon ....seems SD cards are one of the most commonly faked items.

So when comparing prices take into account the speed of the card and the USB3 adpter and I reckon this is a cracking deal ...especially if 32gb is the max size you can use.
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If you have Amazon Prime, £9.94 at the moment:
or, same price from Amazon supplier zoombits same link, look to right-hand side.
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weird I have had a message saying 10 people have voted hot yet it is at -17 degrees blue....does hukd only tell you about the hot votes...seems as many may have voted cold...dont know why unless its coz you could save 5p on the amazon deal
I believe this is MLC. Most cards in this price range are TLC garbage. It's being voted cold by people who don't understand the technical differences and are just looking at it from a price/GB. Sure, you can get 32GB cards cheaper, this is quite a bit better than those.
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Yeh voodoo...I asume MLC is mid life crisis?...too old for text speak

I remember a post for a 64gb sandisk ultra at argos for £9.99 and I managed to get 2 ...was a brill price and it sold out almost immediatley...went balistic re hot on HUKD ...ok this is half the size but twice the speed but still a good buy...obviously my link is not unique though as amazon doing it for same price...well 5p cheaper...still am happy with price and card gets generally good reviews

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Anyone know if these will improve the performance of a raspberry pi?

NB quite a rew reviews saying the goods never arrived.
Card arrived today so did a speedcheck on it ....pretty good speed...read speeds as advertised as up t 95 mb/s. Write speeds not as good (but that can be said of any card I have ever had) ....still when dragging stuff off the card onto the PC it will be a reasonably short time have posted a screen grab of crystal disk results done with the included USB3 adapter in the USB3 socket of goodish spec i5 PC


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