Lexar Image Rescue 3 - Free download
Lexar Image Rescue 3 - Free download

Lexar Image Rescue 3 - Free download

Product Highlights:
Recovers photo, video, and audio files from any brand or type of memory card, using any card reader
Recovers popular file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, RAW, MP4, AVI, and more
Redesigned interface and simple recovery process
Live online chat link to Lexar support engineers
Includes card reformatting, secure deletion, and overall card health check features
Works with PC or Mac


Cheers for that Therapist:thumbsup:

yey thats fantastic i lost a pic of my grandad flying and they wanted to charge me £100 to get it back


nice find thanks very much

Giving this a test compared to Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery which I used previously and found that it is very quick and easy, as well as finding audio files (only Mp3 though not ipod or wma audio though!)
It wouldn't pick up my internal card reader though, had to use the USB external one I have about.
Nice find

Hey thanks very much picked up card reader first time :thumbsup:

Thank you very much
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