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Lexar NM790 1TB Heatsink £71.99 / 2TB Heatsink £125.99 / 4TB £226.09 NVMe M2 SSD ( PCIe 4.0 / PS5 ) w/voucher @ Longsys Official Store / FBA

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About this deal

Lots of capacities of the NM790 have money off vouchers making them the cheapest in the UK. Tick the voucher box to get the price. Longsys is the holding company behind Lexar.

The NM790 is one of the most efficient SSDs on the market and the heatsink is PS5 compatible.


Lexar NM790 1TB SSD with Heatsink - £71.99
Lexar NM790 2TB SSD with Heatsink - £125.99
Lexar NM790 4TB SSD - £226.09

Key Features

Exceptional Gen4 Performance For Work And Play

Enjoy a high-speed gaming experience and work efficiency with the Lexar NM760 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD. Designed for gamers and professionals with speeds of up to 5300MB/s read and 4000MB/s write, gets 9.6x3 performance compared to traditional SATA-based SSD.

  • With a blazing 7400MB/s sequential read, 6500MB/s sequential write1 and random read speeds of up to 1,000,000 IOPs, the Lexar® NM790 SSD has the performance to put you across the finish line first or easily meet your most demanding deadlines.
  • Consuming up to 40% less power consumption than DRAM cache-enabled PCIe Gen 4 SSDs2, Lexar® NM790 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4x4 NVMe SSD not only keeps energy costs down, but also lets you go longer between charges of your laptop battery.
  • Designed to be the perfect partner, the Lexar® NM790 SSD is compatible with laptops, desktop computers, and the PS5TM.

The product page is here.



Sustained write performance




Tom's Hardware

Youtube review

Lexar NM790 M 2 SSD Review - A Single Sided 4tb SSD perfect for your Laptop!
Amazon More details at

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  1. DeanoNI's avatar
    Have SSDs got more expensive? They were on a downward trend for ages to the point the top end models with heatsink were around £100 for 2tb.
    Diabolik88's avatar
    I got three 4TB Samsung 990 Pro's with heatsinks at £280 a throw from Amazon in the run-up to Christmas.

    They were doing a 75 quid cashback promo which obviously brought the price down to £205 each.

    In late January or maybe it was early February I sold two of them at 300 quid a piece give or take which obviously made my one as good as free

    I did read an article at the time predicting SSD prices would rise in 2024 and a quick Google just now would back that up because you're looking at £350 to £400 for one right now

    52746607-jLTlC.jpg (edited)
  2. Wall-E's avatar
    There is no warranty if bought from Longsys as there are just a seller based in China. Rather pay 10% or so more and get the warranty
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    Its FBA not direct from Longsys. Also Longsys is the holding company which owns Lexar:

    The Longsys store is the manufacturers store. (edited)
  3. Marno_Emmo's avatar
    Can anyone tell me the quickest way to check if this nvme is compatible with my board please?
    CAL23's avatar
    Go to PC Part Picker, add the motherboard you have and then check the list of SSDs to see if it's compatible.
    Make sure the compatibility filter box on the left of the page is ticked so that it displays only the components that will work with the motherboard.
  4. CAL23's avatar
    May be the cheapest now but these prices are still terrible.
    yahoohx's avatar
    Cold deal. Bad price for a budget DRAM-less SSD when compare to others in terms of price and performance.
  5. uF0n's avatar
    Who buys a Gen4 NVMe drive with efficiency being the number one metric they are interested in?
    KITTYBOTS's avatar
    Laptops - it also runs very cool and is single sided. A lot of the higher end SSDs need decent cooling. (edited)
  6. xZEDx's avatar
    This a terrible deal
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