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Posted 15 September 2023

Lexar NM790 4TB M.2 PCIE Gen4 NVMe SSD - PS5 Compatible W/Code @ Ebuyer

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Please note it would be advisable to purchase a heatsink if you’re thinking of using this for the PS5, £7.99 at Amazon

Lexar NM790 4TB M.2 PCIE Gen4 NVMe SSD - PS5 Compatible
Incredible Speeds to Get the Job Done

With a blazing 7400MB/s sequential read, 6500MB/s sequential write, and random read speeds of up to 1,000,000 IOPs, the Lexar® NM790 SSD has the performance to put you across the finish line first or easily meet your most demanding deadlines

Twice as Fast.

With 2x the speed of PCIe Gen3 SSDs, the Lexar® NM790 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4x4 NVMe SSD helps you perform at your best, fast.

Powerful but Efficient.

Consuming up to 40% less power than DRAM cache enabled PCIe Gen4 SSDs2, the Lexar® NM790 M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4x4 NVMe SSD not only keeps energy costs down, but also lets you go longer between charges of your laptop battery.

HMB 3.0 and Dynamic SLC Caching.

Host Memory Buffer (HMB) 3.0 enables the drive to utilize DRAM memory on your device, and Dynamic SLC cache writes to single-level-cell memory to maintain speed for smooth and seamless performance.

Perfect for Work and Play.

Designed for hardcore gamers, professionals, and creators, the Lexar® NM790 SSD has the performance you need to accelerate your game and keep up with your creative endeavors

Compatible with PlayStation®5.

Designed to be the perfect partner, the Lexar® NM790 SSD is compatible with laptops, desktop computers, and PS5.
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  1. edd13's avatar
    here is another test: 51000709-xQHHd.jpg
  2. fishmaster's avatar
    DRAM: NO. HMB (Host Memory Buffer 40MB)
    Endurance: 3000TBW
    NAND Type: TLC
    Speed when Cache Exhausted:approx. 1800 MB/s
    Cache Folding Speed:600 MB/s

    Decent performance for this money. No real need to pay more.
    Octavian_C's avatar
    More than decent.
  3. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Excellent performer for a DRAM-less drive.
    No need to spend over the odds for a high end DRAM-enabled 4TB drive unless you want to squeeze every millisecond possible out of it.
    This will perform just as well in most scenarios. (edited)
  4. Dawsy's avatar
    Buy now or wait for Black Friday...

    I need 3.. so I'm going to hold out. (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    Rule is if you don't need don't buy. Stick to that and you can't go wrong.
  5. Lust.HUKD's avatar
    Says "This code can't be applied to your order"

    I contacted ebay support and it turns out it was because I originally created my account in France (even tho my address is set in the UK and has been since ~2011/15)

    Buying as Guest worked for the code (: (edited)
  6. Kiririn's avatar
    CH2599's avatar
    This is storage and has nothing to do with RAM, and is a perfect match for the PS5/External drive pairing at this price point.

    In fact without RAM (Memory) your device wouldn’t boot. (edited)
  7. edd13's avatar
    bought this last time it was on offer. I put it in an enclosure and tested 50996488-hIito.jpgWill use it in a new build soon and test again (edited)
    dazg23's avatar
    How come it’s so slow compare to states stats ? 
  8. RahulMacwan's avatar
    Is this ssd ok to have as a Main Drive for my PC I have other ssd’s and M.2 SSD for gaming I wanna retire my old regular Hard Drive
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    It would be more than OK, in most scenarios it performs as well as most of the high end gen4 drives out there (even better in some respects). (edited)
  9. russ_gordge's avatar
    Using in an enclosure will limit its speed due to cables use, nothing will allow these to achieve more than 2000 MBs as per all PSSDs
  10. russ_gordge's avatar
    Black Friday deals will not be available on this drive any cheaper than today, infact they will be increased, NAND Flash prices are up 20-100% in Q4 2023 they will increase in October and May have a small decrease for BF but rest assured you are not going to see these prices for at least 6-12 months if not 2-3 years when Gen 5 becomes mainstream
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