Lexmark S405 wireless multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax £24.99 @ eBuyer

Lexmark S405 wireless multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax £24.99 @ eBuyer

Found 1st Dec 2011
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At this price, it's an absolute bargain. Wireless inkjet printer with scanner (including document feeder).

Delivery is free only for orders over £50, so you will have to add extra items for free delivery, otherwise delivery to the UK is £7.96

Video review here: reviews.cnet.com/mul…tml
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They are not baf printers. I bought one in tesco when they had a deal on all printers, it was cheaper buying a new printer than replacement inks. Lexmark ink is expensive. But well worth instead of buying their inks ge a new printer.
Thread title is missing price & retailer
can the inks be refilled? how much are replacement inks for this specific model?
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Yes, the ink is more expensive than the printer when it's this price! I don't print much, so I intend to use it more as a scanner than a printer. Hopefully it'll last me a while. If you do decide to buy a new printer when the ink runs out, don't forget eBuyer will pick up your old printer and dispose of it for you at no cost... ebuyer.com/hel…ing (click on the WEEE link for details)
Has anyone got a code relating to home pcs @ ebuyer, I need to buy an acer revo but cant find a code anywhere?
I cant seem to get the price down.. where do i put the code?
i tried putting it in the promotion code
Or does it ask after I have entered my card details??
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I cant seem to get the price down.. where do i put the code?

I just checked and it still works. Do the following:

1. Click on Go to Deal at the top of this page
2. Click Add to Basket
3. Click Checkout now
4. Copy the promotion code (TWMBGN4X4) into the box at the right of "Do you have a promotion code?"
5. Make absolutely sure the code is correct. If you have pasted it, make sure you haven't missed a character or an accidental space has been added to the end, because this will stop it from working.
6. Click "Apply" to the right of the box

Under the box, it should then display the following:

Description: Half Price Lexmark Interpret S405
1 used in your cart

If it says "Offer not recognised" then double check the code and try again
Thanks it worked... it seems that there was a space

Heat Added

it was cheaper buying a new printer than replacement inks.

yea i've seen people sell the printer and buy a new one as like you say it was cheaper to do that to buy the inks. itsalmost a disposable printer.
Really bad reviews on Amazon..plz check b4 buying
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Yup, lots of bad reviews on Amazon:


Certainly not one to get if you want a quality printer. Although I think it's worth £25 for the scanner alone.
Let me order then sent me OOS email
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