Leyland Magnolia OR White Smooth Matt Emulsion Paint 10L now £10 @ B&Q

Leyland Magnolia OR White Smooth Matt Emulsion Paint 10L now £10 @ B&Q

Found 14th May 2017
Very good reviews with plenty of stock at time of posting - Site states ends 15th May - Hope it helps you anyway!

Magnolia at the same price - Here

This Smooth Pure brilliant white emulsion paint has been specially designed to give a stunning finish to your walls & ceilings. Simply apply each coat of the washable paint and leave for 4 hours to dry. Covers 13 m² per litre on average.

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is this the same as the trade version ???

is this the same as the trade version ???

Does it look the same
no the pot isnt the same, just wondering if the contents was, the leyland contract emulsion is great, currently £15 for 10l at screwfix. this may be better but b and q are renowned for selling crap paint with a good brand name. there dulux and crown big pots are like water, the only differance i can see in the specs is that the contract covers an extra metre squared per litre
Stick to the leyland trade.
I have just used some, quite good paint.
I've been using this for the past few weeks painting my newly plastered walls bought both contract Matt and this one and they're more or less the same. Needs a few coats on bare plaster mind seems to be taking an age
should mist coat fresh plaster with a 50/50 paint and water mix to start with ;-)

thanks for replies, think i may stick with the contract stuff, have some heat as a good deal
Magnolia.. Urgh,, do people still use Magnolia,, spent the last couple of years painting over this awful colour in my new house

one thing you shouldnt try and save a few quid on
please DONT buy this. we had such lovely newly skimmed ceiling that was totally mucked up because of this rubbish paint! Can still see it.... but not paying out to get it reskimmed!!
B&Q and Screwfix are the same Company. stick to the "Trade" version. Very good paint.
Is this paint good just to paint over normal painted walls?
Just to freshen rooms up?
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