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Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion Paint 10L Brilliant White - 2 for £26 @ Toolstation free click & collect

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2 for £26
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Specially formulated to provide a full bodied, high opacity, matt finish to all interior walls and ceilings. Ideal for new work application. Coverage approx 13m² per litre.

Need a matt finish for your brand new interior walls? Choose the white Leyland Trade Contract Matt Emulsion paint for the job. It's specially formulated to give a full bodied finish and provides excellent coverage of up to 13m² per litre. You can use this paint on plaster, embossed wall coverings, wallboards, concrete, brickwork and blockwork, so it's a versatile choice.

The paint's high opacity makes it great for sealing bare walls. Typically you won't need more than one coat to complete the job. But if you do, it's recoatable after just two to four hours, so you can save time while covering large areas. The paint is quick and easy to apply with a brush, roller or spray. Use soapy water to clean up your equipment quickly.

• High opacity matt finish
• Interior walls and ceilings
• Ideal for new surface application and contract work
• Suitable for plaster and bare surfaces
• Good coverage of approx. 13m2 per litre
• Recoat in 2-4 hours
• Easy application with brush, roller or spray
• 24% volume solids
• Do not thin, except while sealing absorbent surfaces

X Board Surface Protection available 20471 .
Hamilton For The Trade 27 Piece Big Decorating Box available 15139
Available for branch collection only.
Toolstation More details at Toolstation
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  1. Avatar
    As a cheap contract Matt for ceilings it's ok will cover. Don't put over silk it can go like crocodile skin and deffo not in kitchen bathroom.
    It's really a new plaster paint
    Big difference quality Leyland trade and Leyland.
    Amstead contact far better quality it's made by Dulux for a few pounds more at Toolstation (edited)
    The leyland trade vinyl silk is decent stuff imo
  2. Avatar
    Awful stuff this is. Last 2 tubs were both lumpy. Pay a little extra and go for something else. I paid £26 for 2 from toolstation.
  3. Avatar
    Wouldn't use this paint if I received it for free !!
    Any particular reason and do you have an alternative? I have a lounge and dining room to paint...Appreciated.
  4. Avatar
    I've used this to paint an undercoat on my whole house and it works fine, looks pretty decent.
  5. Avatar
    This is the best white matt paint ever!!!
    It looks opaque but dries a lovely flat matt and covers a multitude of imperfections etc
  6. Avatar
    I've been buying Dulux Supermatt recently. As most of the work is being done by a professional painter, it's well worth paying extra for the paint and less to the painter. Plus, he's happy, as he finds it soul destroying painting the same walls multiple times.

    I've used the Trade Diamond myself on a stained ceiling, and it covered everything with just one coat.
    Dulux supermatt the best contact matt it's decent grade finish above all cheaper value brands.
    It also goes for miles v this .
    The same rate on the back tub says this.
    17sm2 v 13sm2 . Around a third more and you can thin down
    It well might even save you a coat
  7. Avatar
    Found this to be perfect for an undercoat and did a decent job on the ceiling. Never ever buy crown paint, it's horrendous
    Same guys that own crown, now own farrow & ball
  8. Avatar
    Better to put milk then this crap on your walls
  9. Avatar
    Doesn’t cover well. Painter said take it back.
  10. Avatar
    This paint is fine for ceilings or for the first coat (mist coat) on bare plaster. For walls use Dulux Trade/Leyland trade or similar quality paint, will do a better job in less coats.
    This is exactly what I used this stuff for for a large extension we had done. It was fine. Then did walls with Dulux.
  11. Avatar
    I've just painted a whole house with this stuff on to bare plaster. 3 coats and it's made a great job.
  12. Avatar
    I have used this a few times and I like it. Painted over a bright pink wall with just 2 coats. The grey one the do looks really good when it dries. There's obviously better out there but for the money this seems perfectly reasonable.
  13. Avatar
    we have just done our dining room, ceiling and staircase walls with this paint.. its great! (edited)
    Tried wiping the walls yet?
  14. Avatar
    Whats the thoughts on using this as mist for new plaster? How much water are people using. Is it worth getting the dulux trade for mist coat?
    I just use Screwfix's bare plaster stuff in the past on skimmed celings, worked fine. Did about 3 coats on fresh plaster then used this stuff on top.
  15. Avatar
    Leyland trade is good if it says trade then its usually a good sign . Dries nice and brilliant white. I purchased for £17 in December. But stay away from Johnsons paint unless you want to do 3 coats
    Again Johnstones trade is great gear trade centres the paint shed . A trade favourite.
    Johnstones retail range white emulsion etc sold BM the range etc not the best overall although smaller tins colour pretty good.
  16. Avatar
    This is the best paint ever of you want paint that is transparent. 4 coats to cover a freshly plastered wall (including the mist coat). Go with Johnston's of Dulux trade, or if value is important then Wickes own brand is a good option.
  17. Avatar
    Good gear.
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