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Leyland Trade Super Latex White Matt Emulsion paint, 15L - 2 For £55 with click & collect @ Trade Point (B&Q)

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B&Q (Trade) i.e. Trade-Point is currently have a deal on the paint

2 for £55 on Leyland Super Leytex 15L white matt paint. Discount applied at checkout.
Trade Point (B&Q) More details at Trade Point (B&Q)
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    While looking for paint for mist coat/base coat, I stumbled upon the Leyland deal from Screwfix and looking at the comments, found out that the paint isnt very good. Same was the scenario with Wickes offer for Crown.

    So start looking around and found this deal which normally otherwise sells for £32 a bucket and this works out at £27.5 a bucket and the coverage is much better and quality is superior to the other two.
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    The Leyland contract paint is decent but if your mist coating you need to water it down. I've used the 3 colours they stock (white, magnolia and grey) and I've found them to be good. Only downside is they aren't great in high traffic areas where kids keep touching the walls like a staircase.
  2. fessybear's avatar
    You can use this for mistcoating and also finishing ceiling.
    It's not a hard-wearing Paint, as it's a contract Matt so no good for walls.
    If your decorating yourself or paying someone else to do it, it really helps not skimping out on paint.
    You really do get what you pay for with trade rated gear. The opacity, the ease of use, the hard-wearing aspect to.

    As a rule of thumb, vinyl Matt or hard-wearing Matt for walls.
    Acrylic eggshell for kitchens and bathrooms.
    And something like Aqua Gaurd or diamond satin wood for trim.

    Back to OPs post I've sprayed hundreds of gallons of this gear, it's ok if used for the correct purpose it's intended for
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    I am going with this just for the mist coat. For top coat will be using Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt
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    Not tried this, so can't comment on this, but I use NO NONSENSE TRADE BARE PLASTER PAINT BRILLIANT WHITE 10LTR (51004) £27.99 from Screwfix and it is really good. So if you don't need as much may be an option. I generally find Leyland paints to be very good though.
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    too late. Just collected from B&Q. I do find most of Screwfix No Nonsense items to be generally very good.
  4. jaggedm's avatar
    this stuff is amazing, whiter than white and will only ever use this!!!

    my ceilings are still bright white 2 going on 3 years on!!!!
  5. imran_jangda's avatar
    Any recommendations in paint for top coat, bathroom coat and kitchen coat. I am looking for best possible paint. Thank you
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    I think that "fessybear" (2 posts up) have explained what paints are good for bathroom and kitchen?
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    I use this paint all the time for my student houses very happy with it and having been using it for the last 10 years.
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