Leyzyne power gps cycling computer. £99 @ Rutland Cycling

Leyzyne power gps cycling computer. £99 @ Rutland Cycling

Found 15th May 2016
Thought this was a good deal at £30 less than i could find it anywhere else.

Gets some really good reviews and lets you connect to almost any other bluetooth accessory such as Speed and Cadence sensor, heart rate sensor or even a power sensor if you have one.

It also pairs with your phone to get text messages, phone alerts etc and lets you sync your rides with both their app and from there app to Strava.
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I was after something i could offload my bluetooth devices to instead of my phone. I had originally wanted a wahoo rflkt but it was naff when it arrived so it went back and I found this over the weekend and ordered one. The do a ANT+ version as well (for a chunk more cash) but this was what I was looking for.
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