LG 160GB DVD RECORDER RHT387H@ Costco £114.98 INC VAT

LG 160GB DVD RECORDER [email protected] Costco £114.98 INC VAT

Found 6th Jan 2009
I went Costco Chingford yesterday and got it for £114.98 !!


nice, off to costco in the morning

Had an LG recorder and had a lot of bovver with it. Seems a decent price but am weary of LG after my experience. Would be interested to hear from anyone who can say the other way though!

3 lg tv's 1 plasma 42 1 lcd 32 1 lcd 37 all went faulty within 2 years and each one was going to be over 150pound to mend!, phoned lg to ask for assistance as a loyal customer they didn't want to know. So i bought panasonic from john lewis with 5 year warranty and will honestly never touch lg with a barge pole. this is just my opinion mind........

Had LG dvd/hard drive recorder for past 2 years. Fantastic piece of kit. Would definitely buy LG if I wanted another one.

If it includes a freeview tuner that's a good price.

OP Your link does not seem to go anywhere, just use costco.co.uk/def…tml to find your nearest store

would love to know why cold votes?

Original Poster

I guesss,

1, Costco - you have to be a member
2, People doesn't like LG brand

got it today, just set it all up, very pleased overall, and with costco back warranty, cant really go wrong. thanks op, repped.
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