LG 2013 Magic Remote AN-MR400 £30.61 @ Currys / PCWorld

LG 2013 Magic Remote AN-MR400 £30.61 @ Currys / PCWorld

Found 2nd Sep 2013
Bought this today to upgrade my LA620V, that only came with a standard remote. Seems great so far, much quicker using Internet through the TV and required for most games. Can also be set to control other devices. Haven't tried voice recognition yet, but apparently it's pretty good.

Amazon seem to have matched this price, but don't have it in stock currently.

Normally makes this much on eBay, RRP £49.99
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good price, just need to get the tv lol
Taken from the back of the box, the European 2013 TV series this is compatible with are...
LA97**, LA96**, LA86**, LA79**, LA74**, LA71**, LA69**,
LA66**, LA64**, LA62**, LN61**, LN57**, LN46**, PH67**,
PH66**, MT93**, MS73**, MS53**
Not voting either way but from my experience the magic remote is more a gimmick than anything. The mobile app is far easier to use so my magic remote just gains dust now.
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