LG 29 inch 720P TV 37519.33 @ Amazon
LG 29 inch 720P TV 37519.33 @ Amazon

LG 29 inch 720P TV 37519.33 @ Amazon

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Bargain if you have the money ☺, only 9 left in stock.


attain oO

I would but just one hdmi port? I'm out

bit cheap tbh


Not 1080p


very hot ????

Better be quick, with nine of these you could setup a 87" 2160p (4K) video wall!
£337,673 is a steal...

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Is it a good brand?

not 10 bit ...no deal

my order for 5 is cancelled.one per customer it seems

This is so cheap

think I might by 1 then put it back on at double the price once they sell out!

Bought one, sent it back. bought a house instead

You wonder if amazon would actually take money out for this or if they'd notify you of a missprice and cancel the order.

If it was a missprice that benefited us and not amazon you know damn well amazon would cancel orders.
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discontinued so like lego, obviously gets rarer and more valuable

hillarious - so says the Daily Mail - daily!

This has been mentioned before - a few weeks before Christmas.

I actually added all 8 of the available stock to my basket - then left them there for a week - just to see what would happen.

A cool £300,000 total !!!

my graphics cards can't even push all these pixels!

Needs to be discounted by 99.5% to be even close. Cynical me suspects this might be to **** average discount statements later on, like the con artists at Argos.


Bought one, sent it back. bought a house instead


Nine, perfect. One for each room.

Damn missed the £10 off the other day

I have this model in the kids bedroom. Good TV but not worth a penny over £35,999.

It does have a HDMI and Scart port, so both PS3 and PS2 can be connected. Thinking of purchasing this, but i will wait for the price to increase.

hurry!!! only 9 left

On the phone to credit card company as I type, order needs approval and credit limit increase....Fingers crossed.

Does this have a 10 bit panel?

Money laundering route?


Money laundering route?

Huge price increase is a common way of stopping people from ordering when you have no stock; I expect this was done, they they forgot to change the price back, and have been wondering why they arent selling.
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