LG 29ln470u smart 29" led tv £229.00 @ Currys

LG 29ln470u smart 29" led tv £229.00 @ Currys

Found 26th Dec 2013
29 inch smart tv with built in wifi. 3 months sky movies and 7 day passes for sky sports from now TV great buy for a smart tv up and running in the bedroom
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This tv sounds very good - anyone any experience??
Not sure about the HD Ready bit. But does have a Freeview HD tuner built in. And forget about the price match, it's only Currys and PC World that have this model. Everywhere else I the LG 29LN460U.
did anyone buy this tv if so what is it like ?
I bought one for my daughter she loves it... great picture also Netflix and now TV and I also have the 47 inch version both great
sounds good, do you pay extra for Netflix and now tv ?
yeh it's 5.99 a month for Netflix but first month is free and now TV you get 3 months free
I had one for a month but had a problem with the HDMI display blacking out which could only be rectified by turning tv off and on again, so took it back earlier today. Shame as I liked the Smart TV features.
funny that, I had the exact same experience as horrordwarf (who incidentally only made his post 1 hour and half ago). Earlier today I took this LG TV back to PC World for the same problem after having it for just 2 weeks. When I played MarioKart Wii, the screen would black out in between races. It didn't happen when I was watching regular TV but after doing some searches on the internet I found that this is not uncommon with this TV. I was lucky enough (of sorts) to have this problem within the first 21 days of purchase while quite a few people starting having this problem after a year when the warranty's run out. So I decided to take it back. I was heartbroken as I thought I'd found the TV of my dreams as everything else about was fantastic, but as it seems that this model has issues I decided to not risk getting another one as the next might decide to play up after the 21 day PC World return period. So I can't say whether everyone will have the same problem, but I know I did and quite a few other people went to enough trouble of posting on the internet that they did too. So I personally steering clear of it. Buyer beware. Sorry to put a damper on your optimism
Same problem for me with the TV. Blank screen when changing resolution between loading screens of games and actual game play. Only way to fix it was to turn off and back on again. Software updates, factory resets, nothing fixed it, back to Curry's I go! Shame as seems a good TV otherwise, but can't keep turning it off and on in between each level of a game. This is happening when connected to a PS3 via HDMI.
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