LG 32LE5300 32" LED TV 1080P £399 @ RicherSounds

LG 32LE5300 32" LED TV 1080P £399 @ RicherSounds

Found 31st Oct 2010
I was in the market for a new 32" TV and was going to purchase the Samsung LE32C530 but then started looking at the LED range because of their size and superiror Contrast Ratio.
The cheapest I've seen this TV in other places is £443 and is also the cheapest LED TV I've found at this spec. (100Hz, 1080p, USB with HD content playback etc)

I saw the two TVs working side by side at richer sounds and this LCD LED Backlit screen kicked the butts of every TV in its price range (£300 - £500) as it had a lot of high-end features.
If you get this TV you can also kiss goodbye to your WD TV (or other media player) as the buit in USB plays EVERYTHING. I've check it with .avi .mkv .mp4 .m4v and it displays them beautifully especially mkv.

Its also beautifully slim...looks the biz!!

Anyway enough of me ranting...here's the blurb from Richer Sounds.

"The LG 32LE5300 makes 100Hz LED TV more affordable than ever before.

At the heart of the LG 32LE5300 is a stunning LED screen. Backlit LED TVs produce a sharper, more detailed picture with greatly enhanced contrast. Take a look at the plasma-equalling contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 and you'll see what we mean. The result is images that, when combined with 1080p Full HD definition, are richly detailed and incredibly life-like. In addition, this LG LED TV comes with 100HzTruMotion. 100Hz TruMotion increases the frame count and, as a result, gives much smoother motion flow. Ideal for sport and action film, you'll notice less blur and enhanced detail with fast moving images. This edge LED lit TV from LG doesn't stop there, either. With a response time of just 2.4 m/s the 32LE5300 is one of the fastest to respond in its class. This makes it more responsive when gaming and also helps reduce motion blur - especially when used alongside the 100Hz TruMotion technology.

As usual, we would always recommend using a separate home cinema system but if you do use the LG's built-in sound system you might be pleasantly surprised. Using an invisible speaker system with Clear Voice II and LG's Infinite Sound, the 32LE5300 sounds crisp and precise. Furthermore, the 10w + 10w power output gives it enough drive to fill larger rooms, too.

In terms of connections, the 32LE5300 has everything you'd expect from a quality 32 inch LED TV. Four HDMI sockets allow for the connection of 4 High Definition sources, such as an HD-TV box, PS3, HD camcorder and Blu-ray. In addition to all this, the 32LE5300 boasts a USB connection. This lets you watch digital media from your camera or phone and is even compatible with HD DivX.

As well as its life-like picture, the 32LE5300's LED technology allows for a super-slim casing. At just 39.9mm it's around half the thickness of conventional LCD TVs, making it even more attractive whether switched on or off. Added to this, the slim frame and gloss black finish give the LG an air of sophistication that the brand has become renowned for.

For a stunning TV that brings together the considerable benefits of LED back-lighting and 100Hz technology, you need look no further!"
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Nearly posted this a few days ago, should be hotter than this.

Superbly spec'd tv and for under 400 quid its pretty awesome. This price is also much cheaper than anywhere else too.
I know man...guess people aren't interested in LED goodness!
What's the sound like on this? Is it pants, like my Samsung?
Does this have HD freeview?
Worth an extra £40 for 5 years warranty aswell
i almost bought the 42" version of this last week,was on manager's offer in my local curry's for £548.97!!
picture was 1 of the best in the shop!!
Was going to say £400 for a 32" isn't a great deal, even with the LED lighting. But looking at some of the reviews this just might be a smart buy for people after a 32" TV.

Also, I know the MKV container is supported - as has been with LG TV's for a while - but it looks like this also supports DTS downmixing, which is a bit of a bonus as most LCD's don't (I know some Sammys do).
Can the OP please confirm?
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I bought this from RicherSounds Chester 2 weeks ago. BRILLIANT tv, and brilliant shop. And 40 quid for a 5 year cover plan? Yes please haha!

If you've got 400 squid for a tv, go for this!
@ jukkie, I can confirm it supports DTS downsampling.

I know £400 seems a lot but if you bought a regular LCD TV with this spec, you'll be looking close to that anyway. Plus picture quality is superb and sound is the best I've heard from an LCD. My old Toshiba Regza couldn't hold a candle to this and that was a good TV.
Is there any input lag if I connect up my ps3 to it?
im liking the look of this.. was about to go for the Samsung LE32C580 from RS for £350 or try and get a JL price match... hmm what to do!
LG 32LE5300 32" LED TV is good deal for the price specially in terms of picture clarity, however sound system of tv doesn't seem to be that good as i read in different user reviews

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