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Posted 28 January 2023

LG 34WN780 34" IPS UltraWide Ergo QHD Monitor - £349.97 + £5.99 delivery @ Laptops Direct

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Wider View to Get More Done

See more, do more. The 34-inch UltraWide QHD (3440x1440) resolution allows you to edit clips of footage and simultaneously run different programs. You can edit, code and review, while enjoying the immersive and clear visual experience on a rich, vivid IPS screen that's accurate at wide angles.

Enjoy the Latest HDR Videos and Games

HDR10 elevates picture quality for a more dynamic visual immersion experience and enhanced color of HDR content. HDR10 is the digital HDR standard based on the sRGB 99% color gamut. A true difference in color and brightness.

Perfectly Follow Your Eye Level

Enhanced flexibility of the Ergo stand offers expanded ergonomic adjustment of extend, retract, swivel, height and tilt as well as providing perfect position of screen for more comfortable and sustainable user experience.

Fully Use Your Desk

The compact design takes up very little desk surface and also contributes to easier installation.

LG UltraWide™ QHD IPS HDR Monitor Ergo
  • 34" UltraWide™ QHD (3440x1440) IPS
  • sRGB 99% (Typ.) with HDR10
  • Extend/Retract, Swivel, Height, Tilt
  • AMD FreeSync™
  • OnSreen Control
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  1. silent-watcher's avatar
    Be aware that this is a flat monitor. At this size, you really need a curved one as the distance from your eye to the middle of the screen compared to the corners is considerable and after a few hours of use will give you eye strain. Biggest issue is with spreadsheets.

    I have a 29" ultra wide and that's just about ok.

    Go for a curved screen, this is a false economy if you'll be using it for hours at a time. If possible, go into a Currys or John Lewis so you can see this for yourself.

    Not voted either way.
    fishmaster's avatar
    I agree. My 34" BenQ Curved got wrecked a few months ago in a house move. So I bought this Samsung 34" flat panel I am using now because I knew in 2024 I will pickup a Mini LED or QD-OLED Ultrawide, and yeah it's bordering on too wide without the curve. Also when moving from a curved to a flat the brain is confused and you get this optical illusion of the screen bending away from you at the edges and bowing inwards at the middle. I thought I was going crazy but other people have this issue when transitioning from one to the other. It takes a week or two to get used to it.

    Also typical of LG > PBP: NO. PIP: NO

    I don't know why LG don't support these modes, almost every other manufacturer does even at this price bracket. My Samsung 34" has Picture by Picture and Picture in Picture modes and it was £249 a few months ago. Now it's around £300. (edited)
  2. harper247's avatar
    I wouldn't recommend buying an ultrawide of this size without the curve. If you're going to buy a monitor of this size ensure it's curved - trust the comments below.
    daddybr00's avatar
    I’ve temporarily gone back to a regular size flat screen and honestly it’s so jarring, it now actually looks convex even though I know in my head it’s completely flat. It’s very peculiar, but anyway, I agree at this size a slight curve is beneficial. (edited)
  3. basergorkobal's avatar
    Love the monitor itself, especially the stand/arm. But as the tribal wisdom suggests, go curved.
    I couldn't imagine my screen not having a curve and still being all day comfortable.
  4. murraysinclair3's avatar
    Not sure I would say that 34 ultra wide flat is bad or should be avoided. I think its just a preference thing as I have been using one for over a year and dont noticed any problems. Gaming might be more impresive on a curved but for a mix or gaming and productivity I say flat its just fine.
    liltman's avatar
    I was the same, fine with flat but I sit very far from my monitor! So that helps.
    I want to try curved but I honestly feel like I might hate it lol. Going to have to go to a store and have a look at one!
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