LG 37LH3000 Television £399.99  from Sainsburys

LG 37LH3000 Television £399.99 from Sainsburys

Found 18th Feb 2010
The LH3000 series introduces the greener side of innovation, and is not only HD Ready 1080p but is certified by the Energy Saving Trust for saving money off your electricity bills.

LG HD Ready 1080p (Full HD) provides 1920 x 1080p picture resolution delivering incredible picture clarity and vibrant colours. This gives up to five times the picture clarity and detail of standard definition. 1080p television is the only way to fully experience the true potential of high definition gaming and Blu-ray, taking you even closer to the action.Three HDMI ports give you plenty of options for connecting your games console, Blu-ray player or home cinema system.

Three special modes enhance your viewing experience. Accessible using the AV MODE hot key on the remote control, Cinema Mode gives you vivid colour, smooth motion and cinematic sound effects. Sport Mode emphasises the main colours and reduces motion blur, while Game Mode brings you a more dynamic gaming experience. An invisible speaker in the front bezel enhances the audio by increasing the sweet spot to give a wider and richer sound field. This speaker system provides a clean, trendy design compared with traditional side or bottom speaker designs.All this, and LG TVs help you save money and the environment.

+ 798 Nectar Points. Standard delivery £3.95. Priced at £450 on Amazon, £499 at Play.com

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That's for the37LH2000 with 1366x768 resolution. (From reading product features). Worth a try as they've mislabeled it. The proper link should be..... ]37lh3000
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