LG 37LY95 37" Widescreen LCD TV - 1080P FULL HD - Freeview - £399.99 @ RicherSounds

LG 37LY95 37" Widescreen LCD TV - 1080P FULL HD - Freeview - £399.99 @ RicherSounds

Found 29th Jan 2009
When nothing but the highest resolution will do, you need 1080p, Full HD TV. When you want style, value and innovation, LG are one of the best. Combine the two and you have the new LG 37LY95.

With its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, the 37LY95 is one 37" HD LCD TV that offers explicit detail and breath-taking resolution. Despite its large 37 inch LCD screen, the 37LY95 can be comfortably viewed in smaller than average rooms; such is the quality of the picture when close up. To make the most of High Definition sources, the 37LY95 also offers a brace of HDMI sockets - ideal for a games console as well as HD TV receiver. Yet, LG hasn't forgotten about analogue. Twin SCART sockets are backed up by a handy PC input, component and S-Video connections. You'll also find a digital optical output to compliment the standard digital, Freeview, tuner.

As we've come to expect from LG, the 37LY95 is the very essence of discretion and under-stated style. The crisp lines, slim speaker grills and glossy black finish imbue the 37LY95 with a sense of style that few of its similarly priced rivals can match.

For a large screen LCD TV that offers the unsurpassed resolution of 1080p, with style and value, the LG 37LY95 deserves your attention.
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Full HD!
Absolute bargain for full HD.

Only fly in the ointment is the 8ms response time, but this is 18 month old technology - there's never a right time to buy tech!
very tasty price.
This is the write up from a well known consumer mag/internet site (not sure if I'm breaking copy here) but it's not the most praiseworthy set of comments - gets 40% score which sounds low, but they're not one for giving top scores anyway....still sounds like a reasonable deal, but I got the 37LG3000 for RS last week for the same price ( 720p) and I'm well happy with the tv ( the 3000 scored 58% incidentally)

"This 37-inch HD ready LCD from LG is another addition to their canon of functional but mediocre IDTVs. It's actually fairly straightforward to use but the picture is disappointing.

Standard definition pictures are grainy and suffer from digital banding effects. It's especially bad when tuning into Freeview, over emphasising detail and broadcast graininess. High definition pictures not only lack any real punch but suffer from similar digital picture processing side-effects.

It also supports 1080p output but despite 'fullHD' 1920x1080 screen resolution it crucially does not refresh at 24 frames per second (so it isn't fully compatible with high definition DVD players).

Soundwise, the bass is uneven and a bit distorted but there is plenty of detail (maybe too much according to some panel members) and good spatial feel. It's actually a relatively intuitive model but let down by the remote which is fairly daunting with some closely spaced buttons.

The LG has 2 Scart sockets located at the rear, one with RGB, but neither are SCART link enabled (which can trigger a suitable VCR to record). There are 2 HDMI sockets for connecting to high definition equipment, sockets for connecting a camcorder and surround sound system. However, it's lacking a headphone plug or outputs for connection to a stereo hi-fi system.

It features a light sensor (which adjusts the picture brightness according to the ambient light in the room) but unusually it doesn't actually save any power.

Pros: Fairly intuitive to use, sound generally good

Cons: Grainy pictures, a light sensor that saves no power"
Just been in to the store today, very little stock of any decent full price items and staff looked at me like i was mad when i mentioned these clearance deals! Tried to get the samsung plasma advertised in the email and online (not clearance) but none left.

Although its still on the website i doubt very much anyone will be able to get them.
This isn't a clearence buy it is just a sale item.
In my experience, RS rarely have any of these deals in stock when you call or visit your local store.

They tend to have very very limited numbers across the country, but it gets them great publicity and then people tend to buy other TVs at a higher price if they take the time to travel to their local store.

Also worth noting that although many people are enticed by the FULL HD hype, this TV will actually make Standard Definition feeds (of which the vast majority will put through it) look worse than a HD Ready TV.

These sets are built to show Full HD and if not feed with that tend to show up the processing artefacts.
Good price for the Full HDTV if you can find one, always the problem with RS.
v small pixels for 37" FullHD, so need to be close up to screen to appreciate it. I would save a bit of cash and go for 720p. But I know only Full HD will do for some.
I was in RicherSounds in Newcastle in the other day buying a different tv, I asked about the model in question was only ex-display/returns etc.
No 24p - don't waste your money.

No 24p - don't waste your money.

Ermmm... No 24p?

- 1080p
- 2 * HDMI 1.3
- 24p through HDMI
- WCG starting from 42"
- 1 * YUV component
- dynamic contrast: 5000:1 (52 ": 6000:1)
- 8ms response time (52 ": 5ms)
- 10bit LUT (only 42 " and 47 ")
- DCDi Faroudja de-interlacing
- Pure Black level
- True Wide View (178°)
- 1:1 pixel mapping through HDMI

Source : - avforums.com/for…tml
I have the 37" LF66 full HD LG picked it up for £299 on the Richer Sounds Clearence deal... it's virtually brand new but for opened packaging.... I have to say I was a bit skeptical after reading mixed reviews RE poor contrast, but I love the Tv and the picture is superb

Reccomend this even for an extra £100 and dont forget 10% of purchase price gives you a 5yr warrenty so for £40 thats cheap!!

Voted Hot!!
great tv, i bought it 2yrs ago for about £700...
This tv is meh.... waste of money even for £400.... spend a lil more on a decent hd ready screen... 1080p is a pointless at any size till 46" anyway unless its a pc monitor....

Ontop of that availability of this television is scarce... its this price for a reason to clear out all the remaining stock to make way for decent tvs....
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