LG 42 inch LED TV with brand new CINEMA 3D-technology and DivX HD experience the new [email protected]
LG 42 inch LED TV with brand new CINEMA 3D-technology and DivX HD experience the new 3D+2GLASSES!@IBOOD

LG 42 inch LED TV with brand new CINEMA 3D-technology and DivX HD experience the new [email protected]

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# Brand: LG
# Type: LW4500
# LED TV with CINEMA 3D-technology
# Screen Size (inches): 42
# Screen Size (cm): 107
# Energy saving Plus
# ARC (Aspect Ratio Correction): 8 Modi (16:9/Just Scan/Original/Full Wide/4:3/14:9/Zoom/Cinema Zoom)
# AV Modus
# Resolution: 1.920 x 1.080
# Screensize: 16:9
# Input signal: PAL/SECAM/NTSC,HDTV (480p - 1080p @ 24fps, 50fps,30fps,60fps, VGA~SXGA)
# Dynamic Contrast ratio: 7.000.000:1
# Responsetime (ms): 2,6
# TruMotion™ 100Hz provides images without the slightest blur even in fast action scenes
# Just Scan (HDMI/Component: 1080p, 1080i, 720p)
# Supports 1080p/24p
# Intelligent Sensor
# Input Select
# Parental Control
# OSD Languages: E / D / DK / ES / F / I / GR / DK / NOR / SWE / FIN / P / HUN / PL / RU / CRO / SLO / CZ / SER / BUL / RUS / TR
# SimpLink (HDMI-CEC)
# USB 2.0 MP3 playback
# USB 2.0 JPEG Playback
# USB 2.0 Video Playback
# Clock / Timer / Auto Off
# DivX HD
# Connections side: HDMI, USB 2.0, Headphones, CI+
# Connections back: AV input, PC Audio Input, Digital audio output (optical), 2 HDMI input (Ver 1.4), PC input D-Sub 15pin, Scart input, Control cable (RS-232C), Component YUV
# Two 3D glasses are included!
# Delivery: 4 - 7 business days
# Dimensions: 1005 x 621 x 29.9 (mm), Including stand (fixed) 1005 x 686 x 255 (mm)
# Weight: 13 kg without, 15,9 kg with stand
# Legal warranty: 2 years


Awsome TV! I seen it in my local PC World and it was fantastic. The 3D wont give you a headache either according to the salesman. The depth of the 3D effect wasnt too impressive but not bad at all.


Thought the Cinema 3D TVs came with 7 pairs of glasses in the box? Assume this is the LW450U cos the LW4500 isn't available in the UK is it?
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Why's it cinema 3d now? What's new?


Why's it cinema 3d now? What's new?

7 pairs of glasses init bruv


Why's it cinema 3d now? What's new?

Its passive 3D. Other 3D TV's are active shutter. With passive you can use those cheap 3d glasses you get from the cinema, there isnt any cross talk and it doesnt give you a headache.

We was going to buy the 650 version after we saw it in curry's on a 3D movie but it turns out that its not very good at all if you move out of a direct line with the TV the 3D is not visible but the biggest draw back is the picture quality with normal SD TV its not very good and 650 is a much better set than the 450. The 450 is only 100htz so fast moving images are crap. I was even advised by the LG guy at our local curry's not to go for the 450, he showed us a video on it that was split down the middle and it was clear that fast movement was a issue.

This TV and the 550,650 are dropping in price very quickly and after experiencing LG customer Service a couple of weeks ago Christ help you if it breaks down, It took them a month to replace our £650 washer. In the end bought the Samsung 55inch 8000 series which is being delivered today and is regarded as the best 3D tv you can buy.

If ur a gamer watch the input lag on these tv's, had a 47" 550t for one day and returned it, was bloomin awful made games unplayable

This is the best price for this set so far. Heat added.
Shame its not full 1080 3d to each eye.

I ordered the price matched Sony hx803 with 3d bluray for 599 but with the transmitter & glasses, it'll work out to be the same price which makes this a possible better purchase. Then I checked the 2d reviews (as 3d content is very limited that now) & the Sony comes out on top. Shame as it would have been good to use the cheaper glasses.

Yes great deal, and I have no problem buying from ibood, but I would not buy such a big item, trying to return this back to the netherlands would be a nightmare, and I doubt they would arrange a free courrier if things went wrong, and good luck trying to get your postage back as well.

Can you get £100 cashback on this?

keep in mind - these passive sets don't do full resolution for 3d - ok for sky 3d but for blu rays etc active will have the quality edge.
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