LG 42LB5500 42 Inch Full HD LED TV - £174.99 @ Argos

LG 42LB5500 42 Inch Full HD LED TV - £174.99 @ Argos

£174.99Argos Deals
Found 15th Apr 2016
was looking at what money can buy if you are skint, 2 HDMI and 1 USB... it's like 40p an inch! not seen it posted on here, price would rival lesser brands... appears to have good reviews... input welcome...
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this is at Argos so if you have a £10 off voucher... appears in stock...
hmmm not in stock around Edinburgh, perhaps you guys have better luck...
out of stock near me too, only thing putting me off, even at this price, it the motion rate of 50hz compared to many LGs now being 300-400hz
non in the Manchester or Warrington areas.
that appears to be one of those deals that are not happening, sorry...
No stock in my nearest 10 stores (Barnsley/Wakefield etc)
No stock anyware around Worcester.
Argos treating everyone as chumps. No stock anywhere, I'll wager.
sorry for the wild goose, did anyone have any comments as to wether this was a good quality for that price at all? just wondering should something similar emerge...
No freeview HD built it so I wouldn't buy it
Argos confirmed to me that this is out of stock across the country and confirmed they would take it down. Over a week ago.
I'm not sure your maths skills are as good as your bargain catching skills!
It's more like 4 pounds per inch not 40p. Although I'd gladly pay £8 for another couple of inches!
When I got this tv I paid so much more.... Its a great tv. Using it right now
OOS for collection and home delivery.
Voted COLD, brilliant price if anyone can buy it.
Looks like a bigger version of the "free 32" LG TV" that sky are offering. I have that one and it's very basic but ok I guess for a bedroom or occasional TV. Wouldn't want it as main TV but excellent for the price. Heat if it's in stock.
Wild goose chase. Saw this over a week ago but wasn't available anywhere so cold from me.
waste of time
I bought it when last time someone posted it. It was the last one in East Ham.
"...it's like 40p an inch!" - I'd gladly pay 40p for an extra inch!
No stock in UK, only Republic of Ireland.....as per Argos.
they never had any in stock.. they just wanted some advertising..
ooss all over .
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