LG 42LF75 - 42" LCD Freeview Hd Ready 1080p £449.99 @ EmpireDirect ( £20 p&p)
LG 42LF75 - 42" LCD  Freeview Hd Ready 1080p £449.99 @ EmpireDirect ( £20 p&p)

LG 42LF75 - 42" LCD Freeview Hd Ready 1080p £449.99 @ EmpireDirect ( £20 p&p)

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Not a premium brand but seems a decent price for a 1080p 42"

seems to get good reviews on reevoo ( 9/10)

also, if you buy the edxtra card for £29.99 you get 3 further years warranty on this item

42" WidescreenLCDTV
1080p HD Ready best for new generation Blu-Ray and HD-DVD formats
Ultra detailed Widescreen16:9resolution: 1980 x 1080
3 x HDMIconnections
Advanced Engine image processing for optimum picture quality
3D Surround Max surround sound technology with Dolby DigitalSimplink technology one remote control for your TV and Home Cinema
1080p input for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players
1 Year Parts Guarantee
/ 1 Year Labour Guarantee


2% Quidco too. Nice find heat added.

screw the lg 37" for £400, so £450 for a 42" and full hd!
great! now all i need is some money!

Link not working for me....

worked fine for myself


Link not working for me....

Me neither. very strange :?

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i guess it has sold out already? that was quick

damn that was quick!

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i placed 6 in my shopping cart to make sure there was decent stock, it still shows as 6 in my shopping basket but it wont let me remove them, it also says the site is undergoing mainentance??

damn it missed it

Looking for Something? Sorry, the page you were trying to access is not available.

Good price - my sister bought this when it was £499 a few weeks ago and must confess it looks good, nearly as good as my Samsung

LG lcd's get lousy scores on which?, except the 37LG3000 which gets a pretty decent review.
I'd get the 42LG3000 from richer sounds for £480.

The 42LG3000 isn't 1080p so it's nowhere near as good a price as this TV, but, I'm pretty certain the reason you can't buy it anymore is because it was an error, there is no way the LG42LF75 would be for sale for £449.99 unless it was refurbished or ex-display in my opinion.

Still showing as in stock...

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yep, it is back, and £100 cheaper than the 1 clearance one they have, i would grab it now myself but i have a sony v4000 coming next week, i cant buy another, i already have a 37" tosh.

Title should read "Full HD 1080p", HD Ready refers to 720p-limited sets.. :thumbsup:

This deal is very, very hot!

EDIT: Link doesn't work and can't find it on their site. Expired?

Lol "Not a premium brand" well at least it's not a Goodmans/Matsui/Bush. Did you know LG components are found in 60% of TV's made by all the other big names. You can't go wrong with Korean technology.

why on earth has this been marked as expired, when its clearly still (at this point in time) showing as In Stock, and was before they changed it to expired?.

tempted between this and the LG 720p for 399 at argos......if only this 1 had the 3yr warranty like argos did

Here's a review from a very reliable website (try to guess which one!)

LG are going firmly for the style-icon award with this high resolution 42-inch LCD IDTV. It's the latest from their 'Design Art' range and bears more than a passing resemblance to Samsung's range of chic and glossy flat-panels. It produced a reasonable set of results in our viewing and listening tests, but they weren’t really close to Best Buy standard.

DVD images are a little sepia and there is some smearing visible on moving objects. Some of the fine detail is a little jittery and colours are stark. Freeview images also had this yellowish tint but good detail was represented when watched through HDMI. Across all viewing options subtleties in shading weren’t as smooth as we would like.
Bass frequencies are poor and higher frequencies are a little hissy, although some useful sound detail is depicted.

The TV has 2 SCART sockets located at the rear, 1 of which is RGB enabled, and these can be used to trigger a compatible VCR to record from the on-screen programming guide. There are 3 1080p/24 compatible HDMI inputs (meaning it will work with high definition DVDs) , which can also be used for PC use. It also has a VGA input for PC use. Text is blurry and DVD material is slightly jerky.

The TV is of simple design with shiny black casing and the speakers are located under the screen. A matching tabletop pedestal stand is supplied and the TV can be wall mounted if a suitable bracket is purchased.

Pros: Stylish good looks, HD ready 1080p

Cons: Lacking subtleties in shading, poor colour reproduction

It goes on to get a lowly 36% score, and scores 2 out of 5 for sd and hd picture quality.

To anyone that thinks the 42LG3000 is worse because it is not 1080P, the 42LG3000 is a next generation model compared to this set, the 42LF65, so expect various differences in terms of picture enhancement technology in the newer model, the 42LG3000.

As someone previously mentioned the 42LG3000 gets much better reviews than this set.

You can get this 1080p TV for £550 from argos


its one of the fancier new ones.

It is £100 more but I would say it is worth it.


You can get this 1080p TV for £550 from … You can get this 1080p TV for £550 from argoshttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/274674/42-1080p-lg-tv-for-549-99-554-99-in/its one of the fancier new ones.It is £100 more but I would say it is worth it.

Agreed, i bought this recently and i am very impressed with it.
Upscaled pics via a V+ look great and the picture on a PS3 is superb!

I placed an order for this TV a couple of days ago, got a reply yesterday from Empire Direct that they couldn't supply it and that my order was cancelled and my card had been refunded. Not impressed.

Thank you for your recent order.
Empire Direct confirm the item you have ordered has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Please contact my office if there is a suitable alternative that you would accept.
Empire Direct apologises for the delay in your order and a full refund for this unit has been processed today.
Thank you for your time and apologies for not being able to secure further stocks of this item.

John Constantine
Senior Sales Advisor
Empire Direct

Looking around I think M&S seem to have some cracking deals on Sony LCD TV's with free Blu ray players and five year warranty if you're prepared to fork out more cash on a new TV.
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