LG 42LS575T Full HD 42" LED TV at Currys/PC World  - £429.00 online

LG 42LS575T Full HD 42" LED TV at Currys/PC World - £429.00 online

Found 25th Dec 2012
I've been after this telly for a while. It was also on a recent episode of the Gadget Show as top 42inch smart telly. No 3D but not everyone is bothered about that. Cheaper price here with Wi Fi than on Amazon for the none-Wi Fi version.

It's online only I think as we were in Currys yesterday and it was marked up at £499 despite being under a big sale banner.

Curry's Blurb:
The slimline and stylish LG 42LS575T Full HD 42" LED TV possesses incredible clarity with its backlit LED 1080p resolution, making the entertainment perform to its ultimate potential, as well as allowing internet connection for online features.

A smarter way to watch With Smart TV features including catch up TV, apps and social networking, the LG 42LS575T Full HD TV offers so much more than an ordinary television. The Built-in WiFi manages an easy connection to a wireless router, where the exploring of online content is endless, allowing for customisation with downloadable apps and catch up TV a click away.

Connect a Skype camera and enjoy webchats with friends and family anywhere in the world from the comfort of your sofa.

Live in a digital world

The LG 42LS575T Full HD 42" LED TV is a DLNA Certified product, meaning that you can connect with other great devices such as laptops, smartphones and cameras as you access and communicate via your home network. Listen to music through your TV direct from your handheld device, or view your memories on the big screen from your compact camera, ensuring that a solid connection provides the family with a digital living network to enjoy.

Define your entertainment

Connect your HD devices via the four HDMI slots or 3 USB 2.0 ports available, where an impressive resolution of 1920 x 1080 will boast smooth and vivid playback of movies, games and the built-in Freeview HD. The LG 42LS575T's LED technology explodes with vibrant colours, as you experience implausible viewing angles to stunning effect. The LG 42LS575T Full HD 42" LED TV is an all round outstanding performer, with a large screen for the whole family to enjoy, stay constantly entertained.

Product code: 001321
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Good tv at a decent price. Smart tv on lg models is good and lots of choice of providers.
Looks great to me. Ordered and sending back our LS3450 we got a couple of weeks ago. For £100 difference I think this is a much better deal
Good spec for the price. Freeview HD, 100Hz, WiFi, 4 x HDMI, hot
Went and got one of these today many thanks op ! cheaper than the none inbuilt WI-FI version anywhere I could find.
Isn't this only 50Hz? Undecided between this and the samsung UE40ES5500 which is £399 in RGB
Yes 50hz panel but 200mci. Done a lot of research on this recently and the general feeling is there is no real difference between 50hz and 100hz panels: what really makes the difference is the manufacturers own motion control ( such as MCI, TrueMotion etc). A lot of comments on the 400mci models say the pictures look a bit 'fake' as its trying to do too much so I'm hoping the 200mci is just about right.
It arrives tomorrow so I'll let you know what its like compared to our LG with 100hz panel and 100mci
Purchased one of these today, looks like a great TV for the price.
Just run a side by side comparison and this TV is much superior to our ls3450. The motion is much better and being able to control the anti-judder gives it an almost 3D effect with people almost 'popping out' from the background. The SD upscaler works pretty well but still a big difference to actual HD channels ( mainly because the HD is so good). Sound is also better and you have the ability to set the EQ if you want. We weren't fussed on the Smart feature but do find it works really well, even the BBC iPlayer that had problems on the 570t.

All in all we are much happier with this TV and are glad we decided change.
I know it says 'built-in' but sometimes manufacturers have a different definition of words to us mere mortals, can anyone confirm whether the Wi-Fi capability is via a USB adaptor?
It's fully built in. No need for any USB dongles. Plug the telly into the mains and aerial and as part of the initial set up it'll scan for wireless networks. Worked perfectly for me. I'm also using the LG smart TV app on my iPhone to control the telly's smart / web function. Recommended addition if you don't want to spend extra on the admittedly good Magic Remote.
Thank you
Got this a couple of days ago. Brilliant TV, the web browser supports flash and the loading up times are decent. Loving the ability to change channel and volume using my mobile. Was considering the samsung 40 inch from RGB but this has built in wifi (samsung dongle costs abut £20-£30) and offers more screen estate.

The picture quality is great.
hi guys. am thinking of getting one of these, although had some bad experience with an lg tv that I got recently (42LS3450 - blown speaker). anyway, would like to know the refresh that this tv can handle (hooked up to a pc?). is it 50Hz(1080p) ? obliged.
hi really intrested in this tv wee question does the web browser allow you to watch sites similar to movies 2k
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