LG 42PJ350 42" HD Ready Plasma TV £310 @ Next + £3.99 Delivery
LG 42PJ350 42" HD Ready Plasma TV £310 @ Next + £3.99 Delivery

LG 42PJ350 42" HD Ready Plasma TV £310 @ Next + £3.99 Delivery

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Stunning, slim razor frame design.
2x HDMI Ports
USB Connectivity
3,000,000:1 contrast ratio
10w x 10w audio output with Clear Voice
Energy Saving Trust recommended


"This item will be sent direct from the manufacturer in 4 weeks."

Fair price though.

Worth looking at reviews before jumping in, here's one: reviews.plasmatvbuyingguide.com/lg-…tml comments suggest a real problem with glare from the screen and colour reproduction issues - especially at lower resolutions.

Although from the 50" version the comment below links from the article above which is based on the 42".

"There is considerable and inconsistent color shift at varying brightness levels in the PJ350 plasma TV as shown in this shot of a split gray scale during calibration. The color shift will show up during viewing content especially in light and white content.

Contrast and black levels were much less punchy with the PG350 plasma than the 1080p units. Blacks struggled even with HD material. There was a slight milky quality to black appearance. Contrast was not as robust as measured post calibration ANSI checkerboard pattern 1125:1 – worse than many LCD TVs we've recently tested. We decided to leave the contrast setting at an unusual post calibration 100%.

Was the picture quality poor? No, not by any stretch. It was decent, but lacked punch in colors especially from lower resolution 480i material. With HD 720p and 1080i material color information improved significantly.

Other weaknesses are that there is much screen glare even though LG claims a new technology called "Skin Glass" system to supposedly help with internal reflection. The feature did not get the job done on this plasma. On the positive side of this considerable glare issue is picture depth. Picture depth is a real strength of this TV especially with HD content. This is a result of the same "Skin Glass" technology.

Another new feature called "Intelligent Sensor" is supposed to help with room light condition adjustment. The problem for us is that we already have contrast peaked at 100%. Another way to put this is that the TV cannot give you any more brightness when it's set to 100% contrast. So in a room with any ambient light at all the feature is meaningless, which pretty much makes it ineffective for anything at all."

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Dont forget its a £310 TV !

What else can you get for that price ?

I have one of these, and my daughter just bought one too. I don't doubt their are better 42" TV's but for the money this is excellent. I have no problems with the picture quality, and the razor frame makes it look very modern. Just wish it had more than 2 HDMI.

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Dont forget its a £310 TV !What else can you get for that price ?

You could get a small holiday for 2?
Or 310 item from pound land
or a smaller tv
or a cheap laptop
or an old banger
You could also get 248 of these

But yes, this is an amazing deal!!

I've got the 550 version of this TV, there is also a 650 version available. The only difference between the one posted and the 550/650 is that the USB port has been locked down so you can't play back video files from it, just MP3 and Photos. Having said that still a great TV and excellent value for money. Have some heat my friend..


Dont forget its a £310 TV !What else can you get for that price ?

A better TV

All gone, still was a good price for a 42" TV, top end or not.


Still in stock. I just ordered one 5 mins ago for the spare bedroom.

This is a very good TV, specially for this price. I have one and its amazing. Much better than some of the low brand LCD. Check the reviews on amazon etc.

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strange still showing as available for me

Sold out my end.

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A better TV

Like what ?

back in stock

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