LG 42PJ650 42" Plasma Television £399 at PRC Direct with Free Delivery

LG 42PJ650 42" Plasma Television £399 at PRC Direct with Free Delivery

Found 2nd Aug 2010
Just found this on PRC Direct, which seems a good deal:

Product information for the LG 42PJ650 42inch Plasma Television with Freeview:

LG are well known for their stylish and unique televisions and the new 42PJ650 is no exception. This beautifully designed 42inch plasma television features the single layer Infinia design, so the screen looks stunning whether it is switched off or turned on.

Apart from the 42PJ650s stunning design the performance e of the screen is also outstanding. This 42inch model features a built in Freeview tuner, 600Hz technology and HD ready panel and invisible speakers.

The nationwide digital switch over is in full swing, and so if you are looking to buy a new television make sure it has a built in Freeview tuner. All of the current LG televisions included the LG 42PJ650 have a built in Freeview tuner, eliminating the need for additional tuner boxes. The Freeview is a free digital service that gives you access to about 50 radio and television stations including BBC 3, ITV 2 and Film 4. An attractive feature of Freeview is that there are no set up costs involved, no monthly subscription fees, or contact, simply plug the 42PJ650 in to an external aerial connection and start enjoying the benefits of digital television.
The LG 42PJ650 42inch plasma television will bring your room to life turning your lounge in to your own sports arena of cinema thanks to the lifelike, crystal clear picture quality. The HD ready Panel means the LG 42PJ650 is cable of processing HD signals, producing vibrant colours, incredible detail and deep contrast. If one of your favourite past times is watching sports or enjoying movies the LG 42PJ650 is definitely worth considering. The HD ready panel and 600Hz technology delivers life like detail that is sharp and full of energy, the 600Hz technology cleans up the picture producing sharp lines and edges. Ghosting and blurring that often occurs on the fast moving images is virtually eliminated thanks to the 600Hz processor, producing smooth faultless footage.

As design is a key feature of the LG 42PJ650 the design is not interrupted by ugly speakers. Instead LG have devised a way to create deep rich sound from speakers that appear invisible. As a good picture quality deserves a good sound quality the LG 42PK650 does not disappoint, and with Clear Voice II you will not miss a thing. Clear Voice II is a feature that lifts the sound of voices from background noise enabling you to hear dialogue clearly without back ground distractions.

The LG 42PJ650 is a very stylish television that would look great in any room of the house, with a unique design and outstanding finish the screen looks great even when switched off. The convenience of a built in Freeview tuner means this plasma is set for the digital switch over, and makes home entertainment a little bit more exciting. With two HDMI inputs for the latest HD ready AV equipment the LG 42PJ650 is more than ready for future viewing.

Product features of the LG 42PJ650 42inch plasma TV with Freeview:

- Frameless single layer design
- Stylish design with slim frame and depth
- HD Ready 720p
- 600Hz Sub-fielding Driving
- 3,000,000:1 Mega Contrast Ratio
- Picture wizard II
- Intelligent Sensor
- Clear voice II
- Invisible Frame
- 2x HDMI

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