LG 43" 43UH661V HDR Pro Smart Ultra 4K TV, £360 with code @ BTshop

LG 43" 43UH661V HDR Pro Smart Ultra 4K TV, £360 with code @ BTshop

Found 10th Apr 2017
Use voucher code: SPRINGTV0417 for £360, price including delivery

Ushering in a new era in picture realism, the HDR-equipped LG 43UH661V makes TV more immersive than ever.

HDR - High Dynamic Range for superb contrast
Taking 4K UHD one stage further, the LG 43UH661V now boasts HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatibility. This extends the range of colours for enhanced realism. It also delivers brighter whites and darker blacks, helping to give this TV stunning levels of contrast.

4K Ultra HD TV - Ultimate Detail

With 4K UHD screen resolution, this 43 inch TV gives a stunning picture quality. The resolution is four times greater than the more conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD TVs and it's a difference you can see clearly, with greatly improved realism and detail. Thanks to LG's 4K Resolution Upscaler, even standard FHD signals can be upscaled to near 4K clarity and detail - giving your Blu-rays a new lease of life.

The best smart interface is better than ever with webOS 3.0
Widely acclaimed as one of the best smart TV interfaces, LG's webOS 3.0 operating system is now better than ever. WebOS 3.0 uses superimposed icons, folders and side bars for clear and easy access to smart content without leaving the current screen image. New to webOS 3.0 is the ability for split screen viewing, letting you watch live TV and Blu-ray, for example, at the same time. Other new features include LG smart appliance control and access to the LG Music Player app playing through the TV's speaker system - even when it's turned off.

Freeview Play for catch-up TV
Freeview Play makes catch-up TV easy. Find programmes from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All4 and Demand 5 sitting alongside over 60TV Channels and up to 15 HD channels. Simply scroll back in your TV guide to watch shows you missed from the last 7 days. Just make sure your TV is connected to the internet and you're good to go.

New "Magic" tech
Linking in with the new webOS 3.0 system is a range of "Magic" features. These include Magic Zoom for screen magnification without loss of image quality. The Magic Mobile Connection lets you stream apps from your smartphone, straight to the TV, for seamless big screen entertainment.

Smart TV that includes all your favourite apps
The LG 43UH661V comes packed with useful apps that look great on the big screen. The BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Now TV, Demand 5 and Netflix are just some of the VOD (Video On Demand) services that come as standard with the LG. There's also easy access to music sites like Spotify and Napster plus social sites Facebook and Twitter.

DLNA and Wi-Fi make this TV part of your home network

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatibility means the 43UH661V will seamlessly blend with your home network. With DLNA you can stream music or video from your laptop, PC or NAS drive. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi, even connecting up is a breeze.

Much more than just a TV, the webOS 3.0 equipped LG 43UH661V is a complete hub for home entertainment.
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Not 4k,only 3k.
HDR on it is terrible also
Having done quite a lot of research I reach two conclusions:

1) LG Describing this as HDR may be loosely technically true, but in reality it is an 8 bit panel with a technology that flicks colours around

2) LG Describing this as 4K may be loosely technically true, but in reality it has a RGBW sub-pixel structure meaning that each "pixel" in their 4K definition varies, e.g. first one RGB, second one WRG, third one BWR etc. - 75% of the pixels can't display all colours - it would be fairer to have each RGBW unit as a pixel (but this doesn't meet agreed definitions) and therefore it would be a 3K panel.

It may be amazing.. but there is something a little dishonest in my opinion in the way LG describe the TV.
It's been reduced now btw, 1 left!
I think it is an RGBW pixel and therefore a FAUX 4k
i bought this when it was £388 a few weeks ago and for me it is perfect. Netflix in 4k looks pretty great (though I'm disappointed to hear it's not true 4k, i doubt if notice the difference). the HDR doesn't seem to make a big difference to me.

What i love though, is the webos 3 interface. iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon video week really well, as do the web browser and casting from my phone.

be aware that the LG magic remote isn't included though - just a rubbish basic remote.

Basically Same TV, even cheaper on AO.
Edited by: "Tenacious_Tea" 17th Apr 2017
This is the 661v not the 610v - £441.99 on amazon
"Sorry this product is no longer available"
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